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Interview with Grace Lever

Grace Lever’s life philosophy is centered on the principle of ‘doing’, and with this, she empowers female entrepreneurs to build profitable lifestyle businesses by “getting stuff done together”. Having successfully run six businesses in the past, Grace makes business building simple and achievable. She works exclusively with female entrepreneurs who are ready to “stop dreaming and start doing”. We have conducted an interview with her.

What does it take to be a marketing funnel specialist?

It is possible for anyone to become a successful marketing funnel specialist as long as they are willing to put in the time and effort necessary to develop an understanding of the specific strategies and methodologies involved in what I often describe as dynamic, personable marketing. The most effective marketing funnel specialists are genuine and clearly recognize the importance of developing an engaging and personal approach in every business-related interaction.

How long have you been an educator working with female entrepreneurs? Why did you choose to work only with females?

It has been about three years since I first formally created the community at, but I’ve always enjoyed working with and educating aspiring female entrepreneurs in any way possible. I made the decision to work only with female entrepreneurs because of my belief in the importance of educating and empowering the growing number of aspiring female entrepreneurs all over the globe so they are able to pursue and achieve their entrepreneurial goals.

What is 'Doing Days' about? How many businesses have you helped? How much in revenue ($) have you helped your clients to generate in the last financial year?

As the name implies, “Doing Days” are all about the concept of "Doing," which involves taking meaningful action to begin the transformational process in which a dreamed-about concept or vision becomes reality. As I often say, the live “Doing Days” workshops are designed to encourage all the wonderful female entrepreneurs out there to “stop dreaming and start doing.” Over the course of the past financial year, I helped my clients generate revenue in excess of $20 million, and I believe this year will improve upon those results by a significant margin.

Which are the business sectors that you are best at your marketing expertise?

In my experience, a personable and dynamic approach to marketing is so versatile that it can be readily applied to just about any business sector. It is important to remember that everyone, regardless of their industry or area of professional expertise, prefers to work with people they know personally enough to trust, which is why a dynamic, personable marketing approach is suitable across all business sectors and is therefore not limited in any meaningful way.

Which are the most amazing awards you have received?

While I’ve been fortunate enough to be recognized for my professional accomplishments with quite a few awards and accolades, the most amazing was probably being recognized as a finalist for the 2015 Telstra Young Business Women’s Awards -- but I’m also quite proud of the fact that I was selected to serve as the Adelaide Ambassador for the League of Extraordinary Women. That being said, any recognition or award I receive will always be secondary to the pride I experience by empowering female entrepreneurs to build the profitable lifestyle businesses they were destined to create.
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