Interview with Karl Jobst, DDS

Karl Jobst, DDS is the owner of Grand Lake Dental in Grove, OK. He is from a small-town, an all American farm boy, who developed his passion for dentistry through years of schooling, exemplary continuing expanded education and a thriving practice on the cutting-edge of modern dental technology.

How do you help people to overcome their initial fear to visit a Dentist?

It’s quite common for patients to experience anxiety prior to visiting a dentist, so we’ve gone to great lengths to create a calming environment in which every patient feels comfortable for the duration of their visit. We encourage our patients to discuss any fears they may have so we can develop a specific plan for overcoming the anxiety they might experience. Sometimes simply discussing the procedure is enough to reduce a patient’s anxiety, but there are certainly other instances in which additional measures are needed.

How long have you been in dental care? What has been the greatest challenge professionally for you?

I’ve been practicing dentistry for almost 20 years now, and during that time I have consistently challenged myself to ensure Grand Lake Dental remains one of the most technologically advanced practices in Oklahoma, which ensures we are able to always offer our patients the most innovative and effective dental care. It is a challenge I have always welcomed.

What do you consider is the most important criteria for a good dental care professional expected by your patients in today's context?

Patients expect a personalized dental care experience provided by a team of knowledgeable professionals clearly committed to the loftiest standards for care and safety. In addition to meeting these standards, my team and I feel it is also our responsibility to help educate our patients and to focus on preventive care whenever possible.

Which level of advancement are the dental clinics in the United States? What are you most impressed by?

The technology available in dental clinics is indeed impressive and, in my opinion, is truly second to none. Although the continued advance of technology has led to so many positive developments in dental care, I am most impressed by the dental care technology that ensures patients have several minimally invasive options available to them.

What kind of complex endorsements and certifications do you hold?

Our practice adheres to the standards outlined by the American Dental Association (ADA), the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), and I hold several endorsements and certifications, including -- in addition to being a DDS, of course -- FICOI (Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists) and FAGD (Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry). I’ve completed postgraduate degree programs from the University of Southern California and the Las Vegas Institute, and am one of only a handful of dentists the Dental Board of Oklahoma permits to perform IV sedation.

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