MirroCool - a Smart Mirror and Personal Assistant All-In-One

MirroCool is a San Francisco startup who is bringing to market a smart mirror that uses Facial Gestures Recognition technology. The mirror functions as a Personal Assistant synced up with your smart device. We have conducted an interview with the founders.

What is the most interesting aspect about the 'Smart Mirror'?

MirroCool is the only smart mirror that uses Facing Gestures Recognition (FGR) technology to be activated and to perform its various tasks, it does not use voice or touch, freeing your hands for your mirror-facing tasks, henceforth increasing your productivity, an all-in-one hands-free personal assistant.

How long have you been in the Facial Gestures Recognition technology?

The company started to develop its application of FGR in 2016.

What do you aim to achieve for your Kickstarter campaign?What is the most exciting perk to be offered for early adopters and backers?

Our team. We are offering exclusive one-on-one time with the CEO of the company; Director of Operations; our PR Director; our Community Manager. Each one has an expertise and is willing to share with other young companies; besides the brain resources, we will offer to Early Birds backers, priority delivery of the smart mirrors in a choice of finishes and dimensions, and also practical and trendy Kenneth Cole backpack and totes.

Please share with us more about how this smart mirror can protect the user's home?

MirroCool can replace your HD security camera by live streaming in real time the activity inside your home. If a person who is not recognized as a registered user passes in front of the mirror, it will alert you on your smartphone of the intrusion, and you make the decision whether to alert or not, the local law enforcement.

Why did you choose to finally use this tagline "The smart mirror that knows you."?

MirrorCool is the only smart mirror that recognizes the face standing in front of it. It really does know you.

How can we obtain more details?

Please contact Anne Howard at the AH Marketing Group for further information.

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