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Take That Break - interview with Rohan Acharyya

Take That Break© is a search engine for user-generated travel infographics which helps you to discover cool travel destinations shared by a network of professional travel photographers and bloggers.We have conducted an interview with the founder Rohan Acharyya.

What inspires you the most while making infographics out of travel photos? 

Earlier whenever I used to post pictures online, my friends used to ask me many questions about the place and my itinerary. Unfortunately i have always disliked reading itineraries or even making one because I like to improvise for all my travels, as I love traveling solo. So to answer their questions I started making small route-boxes on all my travel pictures. Gradually it started to make sense and personally i started loving the art behind it. Educating people to know more about great places without giving them too much data is what makes me happy. What started as a side hustle became a full time passion. I am inspired by the power of infographics and totally believe that it has the power to change how people comprehend data.

Way forward: Develop a mobile friendly app where people can share and discover infographics.

How do you choose amongst the vast amount of information for your infographics? How much time do you take to produce one infographic?

I am always working alongside with professional travel bloggers and photographers. Over 18 months I have developed a strong rapport with professional photographers and travellers from all over the world.

Things which i look while selecting photos:
- Pictures must have a subject
- Visually appealing and must be high quality.
- Pictures must be from locations that are exotic, untouche and undiscovered.
- Must have an appealing photo caption which must encapsulate the entire setting/ emotions of the photographer.

Time taken: 2hrs. to 15mins.

What is your record of high mountain climbing? Which other places have you climbed?

The highest climbed ever is Stok Kangri (India) at an altitude of 20187ft. Higher than any mountain in 4 continents and almost at par with Mt. Denali at (20310ft.)
I am from India so I am very fortunate to be based very near to the Himalayas, hence all my expeditions have taken place in the Himalayas. Some of them are:
Chandrakhani Pass: 12000ft. ( Done Twice)
Har Ki Dun - 11,700ft
Chandrasheila - 12,000 ft

I am gearing up for my advance mountaineering course scheduled next year in India so that I can summit Mera Peak at 21246ft.

more info:


Which are your music labels in Electronic Music production?

4 track EP “Out Phase” on Cadillac Records (Italy) - Released on 28h April 2017 (
2 track EP “ Game” on Housepitial Records (Netherlands) ~ Signed and releasing on 28th May 2017
1 single “Sector Drive” on Hospital Records (Netherlands) ~ Signed and releasing Q3 2017

Link to my music:

List of channel partners where my music has been featured:

-Deep+Dishy (200k followers on Soundcloud "SC” )
-Melodic Sounds Network (300k followers on SC)
-EDMLead (400k followers on SC)
-EdmAlert (120k followers on SC)
-TopDjs (80k followers on SC)
-AuxLondon (142k followers on SC)

+ many more over 100k members

PR support in the pipeline

Besides music composition, and production, what other musical instruments do you play?

I am a Bassist having played in multiple bands in New Delhi. I am self taught musician.
I was never a full time musician until i quit my job as a product manager with an MNC, where I was heading the entire India business valued over INR 400million. It was the love and curiosity which had develop over years which brought me back to music, this time to pursue it professionally. I am really glad I have a few international releases under my belt (hoping for more in future) and hoping to channelize my resources between music and infographics so that they can grow and complement my lifestyle symbiotically.

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