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CHRONOS - Interview with accountant and auditor Sanela Agačević

Today our guest is Sanela Agačević, 46 years, married and mother of one big boy. She lives in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sanela is an accountant, auditor and MSc in economy. She has her own firm - CHRONOS that deals with accounting, audit, consulting, online and offline education. They made the first full online platform for e-learning in B&H and they are very proud of that. We have conducted an interview with them.

What is your firm 'CHRONOS' key strength?
The main service of our business „Chronos“ is accounting. But sadly, it is often said that this profession is boring and futureless. Opposing the stereotype, we often find our strengths in constant improvement in knowledge and learning, the complete use of social media, apps and similar platforms, and we unfearfully accept challenges and strive to be different and creative in as many ways as we possibly can.

Which kinds of solutions do you provide that exceeds your clients' expectations?

We offer and provide full 24/7 service to our clients - we support them from the beginning of their business ideas and process of registration, help them with choosing the best cloud accounting softwares, prove free information and news via our e-books, websites, newsletters, short and informative vlogs on our Youtube channel and completely free online courses for client's employees.
With the use of DMC (Document management system), or as we like to call it „no paper office“, we eliminate any need for paper and paper documents - hence making the process of giving our service much more efficient, productive and time-worthy.

As a first full online platform for e-learning in Bosnia and Herzegovina, what is/are your most immediate goal(s)?

With the progress and development of our business, we felt the urge to try out new things and expand our horizons - to initiate the work on education and courses. Of course, our first steps were „classroom“ courses, but after some time, we noticed that there were interests for courses from many different locations in Bosnia. To satisfy the demand, we decided to start an online course.

Our goals are to offer many different courses, build a strong platform with full multimedia online classrooms, make a network with other teachers and start doing online courses in different and new areas.

What are the possibilities of every business including accounting, that could be different on market?

The goal is to show the buyers/clients how they benefit from our services. Because the clients pay for the benefits, not the services themselves. In accounting, information is crucial, therefore you should not wait for the client to ask for the information within the service he paid for, but you must provide him with it before he even asks for it.

This is what we focus on the most – happy and satisfied clients are our main goal.

Besides connected with modern technology, which other ways do you use to reach out to your clients?

Trust is crucial in this job, and therefore the best way to get new clients is by recommendation. So, a satisfied client is the best way to promote your business, since he can recommend and direct other people to us. Like before mentioned, we use social media, youtube, blog and comment sections of our web platforms for communication. So not only can we initiate communication, but with the commenting sections, our client can do that first.

Clients often want one-on-one talks, since the accounting is a profession which takes care of clients' important things - money, investments, loans, taxes. All these things are „secrets“ in the eyes of clients and definitely can not be public. So, trust is crucial in this job.

What is cloud accounting and who will benefit from these new services and solutions?

Cloud accounting is a new trend which gives the option of information storage and access anytime, anywhere, from any device. With this type of accounting, both parties have benefits - the accountants, since their job is much easier, and of course, the clients, since they get their demands done much more effectively. Just like I said, information is very important in this job, and with cloud accounting, the access and use of information are faster and better.

Also, with the use of cloud accounting, accountants can get clients from any location, even miles and miles away, and are not limited only to a small radius. This, of course, plays a big role in the market and helps tremendously.

In which ways did "Love, hope, positive energy" made a difference in your life/business?

I've always believed that if you insert positive energy, hope and love in your job, you are halfway to success. When I started with the development of online education, I was often told that it won't be a successful business, and because in Bosnia, these types of things were not popular yet. Going against the current of comments, I was consistent and worked on the project for more than a year, and eventually - succeded. I cant say that I got rich or made tons of money, but I am happy because I showed others and myself that if you believe in what you are doing, you can definitely do it.

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