Colorado's Food Now

Colorado's Food Now is a business about all women who love to cook. They came up with the idea while eating dinner and taking pictures to show people all the amazing food around Colorado. We have conducted an interview with them.

What made you want to begin this business for all women who love to cook?

I wanted to create a small community for women who love to cook and go out. All of us of very social and people are making new friends while also having fun going out to restaurants.

How did we get started?

I and my co-founder were out to dinner together when I saw her taking pictures of her food. I was a little confused at first, but then she explained how she was going to post it on her Instagram. It was a really good picture, and I really thought it was a good post. Then I got the idea to start an account for pictures of food. My co-founder loved the idea and so that night we immediately started working on the account.

Where are we based and does location matter to connect with the rest of the world?

We are spread all over Colorado, but I would say probably about 50% of us are in Cherry Creek/Greenwood Village area. I think our location matters because Colorado is such a special place, we have a lot of culture and diversity. We're right in the middle of the US and a lot of people come here, we're like a big melting pot if you will.

What is a common trait amongst us?

I would say our common trait is that we're all very cooperative. Every day new things happen, but with everyone's busy schedule we still always work it out and stay very positive.

How do we encourage others to join what we are doing now?

Women who love food, like going to different restaurants, have some writing experience and want to have a group of women to become new friends with, can join us!

In which ways do we make our target users find a new place to dine?

We target our most users by having 1) A good picture 2) Having lots of color 3) Having a well-written critique of the place. They can find their new place to dine by looking at a picture, reading a short article, and then heading that direction.

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