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Today our guest is Michael Rojek. He grew up in Honolulu, HI and attended the University of Hawaii where he graduated with a B.A. in Management from the Shidler School of Business. He then moved to Krakow, Poland where he attended Jagiellonian University and graduated with an M.A. in European Studies. Husaria Marketing is a digital marketing agency in Krakow, Poland that was founded by him in 2017. We have conducted an interview with Michael.

Which aspects of your digital marketing business do you pride as the most important to success?

Definitely the attention to detail. There are countless digital marketing agencies out there, promising anything you want. We take a different approach. Instead of promising you unrealistic goals, we start working for you for free and let you decide whether our approach is one that works for you.

How does 'exclusivity' in part of your service rendered to your clients, sets you apart from your competition?

By limiting the number of clients we have on board, we can offer a personalized and intimate partnership. We don't intend to be an outsourced service, but rather your marketing department, in part or in full. With this exclusivity, you're able to interact directly with those who are working for you.

Which is your bestseller service? How did it become so popular and why do you think your clients love it?

The best selling service is the Gold Tier, which is our middle offering. It's probably the most popular because our clients tend to be smaller businesses or startups. They have some familiarity with digital marketing, and don't need an agency to take everything off their hands, but need assistance in certain places,

Who is the next most important person who founded Husaria Marketing with you?

Before founding Husaria Marketing, I ran the marketing department for a local software developer. Shortly after I left to found my company, my former assistant Filip also jumped ship and signed on with me. He has been on board since the beginning.

What is your next goal/milestone? How do you intend to reach there?

Every new client is another milestone and a new beginning. We're not looking farther than the next client because until we're comfortable that we can offer the best service to our existing ones, we don't onboard another.

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