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Interview with content creator John Bamber

Today our guest is John Bamber, a content creator living in Austin, TX. He is active in both blogging and making YouTube videos about a wide variety of topics; cruise travel, photography (both the craft and reviews of equipment), and life observations to name a few. We have conducted an interview with him.

How long have you been a content creator?

I've had a YouTube account since 2013, and have uploaded a few videos here and there until getting more into it recently. I've had a blog since around the same time as well, but I haven't been posting as consistently as I've been since the beginning of the year.

What do you blog about?

I have many interests, and rather than dedicating my blog or YouTube channel to one specifically, I like to cover many of them. I ultimately envision becoming a source that people enjoy looking toward for recommendations, whether it be for travel ideas, equipment ideas, or just a friendly face to bounce an idea off of. Photography and Music are my two biggest passions, and being something of a "gear head" I like talking about equipment used for both. I've recently done a few videos comparing different types of microphones for recording video. I also deeply enjoy travel, specifically on cruises, but can't travel as often as I'd like to due to work schedule limitations. Sometimes, being an adult isn't fun! :slightly_smiling_face:

How does variety contribute to the goodness of your channel?

This is a great question! I know it seems like the road less traveled, to go with the approach of having different topics, but I think it allows people to get to know me as opposed to only the type of content featured on my channel. I also believe it gives people a chance to see things or read about things they may not have considered before or knew they had an interest in.

What inspires you to write about photography and its craft?

It always amazes me how far technology has brought us with the advent of smartphones, and with digital cameras becoming more affordable. Cameras have the ability to see things that the naked eye may not be able to see, so I am often inspired by using the camera as a tool to make that possible. Smartphone cameras are great for capturing pictures in the moment, but a fully manual camera like an SLR is one of the greatest tools any photographer can use for ultimate creative control.

How else do you intend to share your life observations?

I enjoy doing interviews like this one, so I'll certainly seek out more of these types of opportunities. Also, my blog is one of my favorite places to share all of my content, whether in the form of written entries, the videos I make for YouTube, or the pictures that I take. I recently moved my blog over to a site which has a greater sense of community; there are so many members there, so it has become a great source of inspiration for me.

What would like to review in the near future?

I think doing car reviews might be fun, but there are a ton of car review YouTube channels out there so I may just throw one in from time to time. I do love to drive!

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