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Interview with hip hop artist Nehzahr

Nehzahr is a Hip Hop Artist, Holistic Nutritionist, Photographer, Vegan, and Humanitarian. He uses his message and skills to touch lives across the world through song, spoken word, photography and health. Inspired by people such as Bob Marley, Nas, The Last Poets, and Coach Lovely, he understands that to further heal and enhance the earth, his gifts and talents must represent the change that he wishes to see. Nehzahr released his debut album, "Hakatsah" in May 2012 and has also had the opportunity to co-star in 2 theatrical productions, "Rimshot The Urban Musical", and "The 11th Hour" where he gained tons of acting experience and garnered exposure that would help continue to grow his fan base. Since then, he's performed and spoken all over The United States in places such as Atlanta, New York, Dallas, and Washington D.C. and he's currently working on a few projects including the release of his next album, "Vitality". We have conducted an interview with him.

What inspires you to create your latest video 'Natural Instinct'? 

I was inspired to create a video that would resonate globally. I wanted a look that would send out vibrations and frequencies similar to the earth. 'Natural Instinct' is a very environmental and socially conscious song, so I wanted the location to look like an environment that existed before the attempted destruction of the planet and what's currently taking place as a result. The lyrics, the dancing, the painting, and the children, are just a few elements in the video that represent that. We even recorded the audio for the song on the location of the video. So all the birds, insects, and sounds you hear are real. It's like everything came to life as we were recording the song. If you listen to the song closely, you can even hear water splashing against the rocks.


How would you describe the creative process for your songs, the video, its look and your goal?

The creative process is very organic, natural, and free-flowing. When I write a song, the lyrics are always the easiest to come up with because I can talk about so many different things from so many different places and experiences. So I make sure that my melodies and delivery are not like any song that I've done before, and I make sure that it doesn't sound like something that other artists are doing. Being that I'm a very visual person and a photographer, I see the music, write the words, then create the atmosphere for those lyrics in the video. The goal is to make a video that can be watched without sound, and the viewer can still follow along.

What about your growth journey from your first album until today? What did you learn and which has been the most precious experience and learning point?

There has been tremendous growth, and I still have more growing to do. With "HAKATSAH", which means, " a fearful awakening; being made aware of the state of the world", I brought things to light that are going on everywhere, that would motivate people to question any untruths. Although people have to " wake up" when and if it's their time, and even though I'm still waking people up, I'm now encouraging a call to action. There are things that you have to do, now that you are conscious and aware of what's going on. I learned to stay ready. New opportunities for growth and advancement present themselves daily, so I make sure I have everything in order and updated from contact info, media links, business cards, copyrights, and publishing.

Where did you master the different vibes of each and every song? Tell us about your message, the lyrics and concept of one of your favourite song.

I'm a huge fan of music. I listen to a large variety of music. So with every song I do, it's all about a feeling or emotion. Every individual on the planet is different, so I stay in tune with self and in tune with what's going on in the world, and channel that energy. One of my favorite songs that I've done is called " Trap House ". It's a new song that you can see me perform, which is going to be on my new album " VITALITY". It talks about being in a physical, mental, and spiritual trap and getting out. Lyrics: The educational system, prison included, molding minds of martyrs and monsters/ secrets revealing, discussing this evening, how to control the consumer with product/ eating on fruit with no seeds, forcing us to get vaccines/ the medicines fill up our streams, from the same source from which we drink.

What makes you so successful during these times musically? What do you wish people could gain from you?

I think it comes down to my mentality and the way I think. To me, success is based on the individual. I've been through so much adversity in life, from being homeless and sleeping on the streets of Atlanta in the winter, to performing in front of a home crowd and getting booed. Even after going through those situations, or similar, I still have a fan base all around the world and there are people who support and genuinely appreciate me and what I provide. Now that's being successful! You just writing an article about me is a success!
I just want to give people a memorable and spirit filled experience. I want them to remember Nehzahr as someone who they crossed paths with on their journey, who made their life that much more special.

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