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Interview with photographer Ted Fletcher

After 17 years working in sales, customer service and installation of hot tubs, billiards and saunas, Ted Fletcher suffered a disabling spinal injury in early 2012. In the last 5 years, he has had 5 surgeries and numerous setbacks. In the summer of 2013, he was given an older Canon EOS Rebel XT camera and began taking photos. Photography began to grow on him and show that it was more than cathartic, it became a way to stay close to and enjoy things he loved that he thought he'd never be a part of again or able to enjoy as much. Things like the outdoors, nature, surfing, travel and his family. Just last month he took an additional step into photography by creating his own business, Ted Fletcher Photography, and was also chosen to be a Getty Images iStock, and Adobe Stock contributor. We have conducted an interview with him.

How did you start your photography business?

I started after getting lots of encouragement from others that my photography was good enough. I haven’t been doing photography as long as many others, but I have really poured myself into learning more each day.

What is your story and how did you reach this level of success?

I didn’t really start taking photos, at least seriously, until 2013. For 17 years prior to that, I had been a business and sales manager. But in early 2012 I suffered a devastating spinal injury. In 2012 alone I had 2 failed back surgeries that left me unable to return to work and permanently disabled, or as I’ve learned to say, “differently abled.” I’ve now had a total of 5 back surgeries, 11 major surgeries and 32 surgical procedures.
In 2013, after losing my job, we decided to move from California to Missouri. We only stayed there 21 months, but out of boredom and needing something to do I picked up a camera and began taking photos. I learned that not only was photography cathartic for me, but it aided the healing process as I was able to do something that kept me close to and engaged with the things I love, my family, surfing, nature and the outdoors in general.

What did you learn along the way?

I’ve learned so much, and still, have much to learn! It’s not an easy profession, especially since I don’t take portraits. I have photos for sale on my own website as well as selling stock photography through Getty Images iStock, Adobe stock, fotolia and foap.
Each avenue for selling is different. The type of photography they look for is different and what I might think is a great photo might never sell, while the photo I would least expect sells!

What do you think is the most important in getting this quality of photographs and beautiful photography each time?

I have learned so much about lighting, composition, camera angle, position etc. Having decent gear helps. I’ve been upgrading as I can afford to. I started using a Canon EOS Rebel 3d that my mother in law gave me and my 1st new addition was a longer telephoto lens for capturing surfers more close up. Then I upgraded to refurbished camera bodies etc. However, sometimes the most important aspect in a great photo is getting lucky and having your camera ready! It’s true that being in the right place at the right time wins! I always travel with my gear, but even if it’s not at hand cellphone cameras are very useful in a pinch.

Who influences you the most in your work?

I would say, Chris Burkard. He’s more than just world famous, but he is a local guy who started with just a camera and fell in love with photography. We have many of the same friends. We both take surfing photos and landscape photography. Neither of us went to University to learn, but have suffered and learned through trial and error. He’s younger than I am, but has been a professional photographer for a long time now with work in National Geographic and recently has been having major success with a movie and a children’s book. He both inspires me and has reached heights I hope to achieve. He’s a local legend!

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