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Interview With Primo Hiring Solutions

Human capital is arguably the most important resource for the growth of a company. But organisations across the world face challenges in finding the right candidate to hire. To help these companies make their decision easier and better, recruitment agencies offer to find the exact match for the company. We caught up with Paras Shah, lead recruiter of Primo Hiring Solutions in Delhi, India, to know more about how Primo helps companies making good hires with their intelligent recruiting process.

What are the recruitment needs demanded nowadays?

Hiring candidates is a complex process and companies often find themselves stuck in the process one way or the other. The first need a company has is to find a candidate with the exact skills that they need for performing the job. Undeniably, this is tough to do as it requires extensive communication with candidates and ample time. 

The second important recruitment need is to ensure that a position is filled quickly. The longer it remains vacant, the more money and business the company loses. Unfortunately, according to, each opening generates an average of 150 responses, which means a lot of time is required to review the resumes. 

Help in making talent become hireable is the third most common need of companies. Often, hiring managers are unsure about how to reach out to employees of other firms who they know are talented and suitable for a job. Companies also need information about salary rates, latest skill-sets that candidates possess, which is difficult for them to obtain on their own. 

Another popular need of companies nowadays is creating an employer brand to allow easy hires in future. For small budget companies, in particular, the need for a placement/recruitment firm is more pronounced as they can afford to pay for their service rather than the costs of using sourcing, recruiting, testing tools. Finally, a less acknowledged but important requirement for companies is confidentiality of the hiring process and handling of candidate queries once a vacant position is notified.

How does your company as a boutique recruitment consultant fulfil them?

Our company, Primo Hiring Solutions has been delicately helping companies get over the talent shortage that hinders their company growth. We do this by attracting top talent to the company's vacancy through channels that have been intelligently created and using a wider variety of opportunities in sourcing. Not just this, we make companies reach the selective candidates who are too busy to apply to job openings and communicate effectively with them, often even closing candidates with multiple offers.

A lot of time invested in filtering, assessing, matching and communicating with wrong candidates is saved when companies use our candidate intelligence. Our hiring time is lesser than the current 28-day average, which means that companies can grow their business faster with our assistance.

Additionally, we give candidates insight into business, benefits and culture of the company and create a great candidate experience to ensure maximum retention.

For big businesses, we even collate candidates' queries so that they can deal with them all in one go, without wasting their energy.

What are the challenges of finding the right hire?

Typically, a tough challenge in finding the right employee is if the requirements are too specific. Certain companies require the candidate to have educational degrees from a particular institution. However, often candidates are excellent in a particular skill without having the relevant certification for it. Our firm tackles this problem effectively by screening ‘must haves’ in a candidate profile.

Activeness and communication ability of candidate is another challenge when you are trying to find the perfect employee. Particularly prevalent in IT sector, this problem means that candidates may be very slow to respond, despite being talented, leading to costly delays. We deal with this challenge through tested ways of effective communication.

Finding the right personality match the company’s environment is another challenge encountered during the process. Giving qualifications too much importance over the personality could mean bad hires and quick turnovers. Our agency invests precious time in understanding our client’s culture to avoid this problem.

Which kind of advanced sourcing strategies are applied?

We have developed a failsafe mechanism to attract the right candidates to a job opening. Some of our sourcing strategies include effective use of social media. We understand that every social media platform is ideal for a particular sector of jobs. Our sources are adept at finding great and genuine talent on these platforms.

Smart use of job boards is another of our expert sourcing strategies. We make sure that our posts reach the intended audience. We also tie up with educational institutes to get hold of qualified and certified professionals.

What are the industry needs and which types of startups/sectors do you recommend would benefit from your services?

According to Wasp Barcode's annual State of Small Business Report, 50 percent of small businesses say hiring new employees is the top challenge they face in 2017. By hiring a recruitment agency, you get access to test a candidate’s ability from multiple viewpoints.

Any startups who find themselves competing with big businesses for star talent can benefit immensely from our service. This is because we create a brand image for the company, selling top talent on all kinds of opportunities.

Also, startups who need focus on not just cost-effectiveness, but also value in an employee stand to gain from our service.

Marketing is one particular sector where our services are more useful since most candidates falsely claim to be experts in marketing. Similarly, every firm needs to maintain its accounts error-free and our assistance will ensure that only the most expert accountant is hired by your company.

In addition, our service is highly valued in sectors like designing because it is often hard for companies to communicate effectively with candidates in this profile.

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