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Interview with public health consultant Reinaa Shukla

Reinaa Shukla is a public health consultant and a clinical dietician. She does corporate workshops, seminars on Health and wellness. She started edits in 2007 online Skype consultation, integrative medicine and has holistic approach personal consultation, healthy menu planning for offices and cafeteria, food and nutrition writer, writing health editorials since 2005 published in Australia and India shuttle between in Melbourne and Pune. Reinaa has received the best online dietician award for 2016 by IBN7 news channel. We have conducted an interview with her.

How long have you been a public health consultant?

I have been practicing public health since 2013 and practicing as clinical dietician since 2002

What are the most challenging aspects of being a clinical dietitian in today's age?

apart from obesity and another burden of diseases related to the lifestyle are very challenging, young people are getting heart diseases and the environmental toxicity is adding to the early aging and stressful life. people google about health and then become dieticians and that totally ruins their body as those comments and suggestions on Google are generic

How popular is online Skype consultation nowadays?

skype and wats app consultation are very helpful once the initial consultation is done in person, a person doesn't have to come every time to visit so it saves time and geographic boundaries also at times. It is getting popular still some people prefer face to face consultation in the clinic and they fly to meet me when it in other city but this trend I have mostly observed in my mature age patients the younger age ( millennials) are ok with facetime, skype or wats app.

What is integrative medicine?

It is about healing rather than curing alone because there cannot be a cure for disease if there is no healing, consider the whole body and whole person each disease is also connected somewhere with some emotion and it is about understanding that emotions and positively handling it, it is also about the relationship a practitioner has with the person that each person is helped personally with different therapies needed individually, its therapeutic and holistic, use of conventional medicine and other CAM ( complementary and alternative medicine ) therapies.

How different or similar are the policies with regards to Australia and India in healthy menu planning?

In Australia policies regarding the food are made based on data and research and are implemented well while in India most of the policies are not implemented well besides there in insufficient data and research so there is lot of work to be done to stop the growing pandemic of obesity and burden of non-communicable c diseases due to lack of skills or research

Did receiving the award as the "Best Online Dietician" for 2016 by IBN7 news channel help you to leverage your position? In which ways did it help you in your career?


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