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Interview with singer Dieselle May

Dieselle May is a Songwriter/Singer/Musician/Recording Artist based in London. She picked up a guitar at the age of 6 and was taught by legendary blues slide guitarist Sammy Mitchell who worked at her father's Music Shop and Studio in Putney, South-West London. At Fourteen she started playing gigs across London with the band My Weird Sister, and by 18, was playing 'sold out' gigs at London's Famous, Marquee Club. She has continued her musical journey as contributing songwriter and performer and has written, played and recorded with many bands, artists and Producers. We have conducted an interview with her.

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Why did you title your latest single “20 DAYS”? What events or who inspired you to write it?

20 Days is about a particular Twenty-days in my life. I think that we all (at sometime or another) have counted the days until the event or occasion that we are looking ‘forward to’ arrives. The same can also be said for counting days in the aftermath of events, weather they be happy or sad. In this instance, mine were counted after the break up of my relationship. I remember it reaching twenty. ‘20 Days’ just stuck in my head. I guess the song documents the whole ordeal.

How do you describe the kind of songs you have written?

Musically, the songs are a real mixed bag. I draw upon so many different styles, genres and influences. That’s partly why I have decided to just release ‘Singles’. Each track has its own path.
My debut single ‘Said and Done’ was played by the Mainstream, Pop/ Rock stations in the UK and across Europe, including BBC Introducing, and on a lot of Country/Folk & Americana Stations in the States. In contrast, 20 Days has been featured and play-listed on loads of Rock/ Heavy Metal/ Alternative stations Worldwide. It’s had a great response in Australia but from Mainstream/Pop shows. The response to both tracks has been really Positive, it’s interesting to see ‘where’ they are being placed. Everyone is now wondering ‘what’s coming next’?……..

What was the biggest challenge for you in producing your debut Single "Said and Done"?

Once I had decided to front my own project the biggest Challenge for me, was finding the right producer to work with. My music is going to be my legacy so it was important that it was placed in the right hands. It’s a make or break decision. As luck would have it, a friend shared a track by Man Kill Machine. It immediately stood out, not only the song but also its production. It had real ‘class’ about it, so like a stalker, I set about finding out who had produced it. It turns out it was Jack Ruston!
The irony is that I had met Jack and his family some 15 years earlier, in a situation totally unrelated to music.

It was quite a while before we managed to start recording but as things progressed and the tracks started to evolve I was so happy with how it all sounded. I’m really looking forward to getting back into the studio to work on the next few tracks.

What is your professional background as a musician and recording artist?

I was very lucky to grow up in a musical household. My dad played guitar in Skiffle band in the 60’s. In the 70’s my parents opened a Studio and Music shop. The 70’s and 80’s were a great time to be growing up, surrounded by so much amazing varied and experimental music. Music was all I ever wanted to do. At 14 I was playing Bass for ‘My Weird Sister’ gigging all over London supporting The Trudy, Thee Hypnotics and UK SUBS. By 18, and as guitarist with Mustang Sally, I was playing sold-out gigs at London’s famous Marquee Club. I did a brief stint as a Drummer for Joyryde, and a tour, playing guitar with Creaming Jesus, ‘to name a few’. This was back in the days when you could earn enough money from gigs to pay your rent. Then I landed a job with Steve Jervier working in his Production, Management & Record Company. Steve was a great mentor and I learned so much about the business side of the industry. The pre-production, writing suites and Studio’s were underneath our offices, so I would often get called down to lay some guitar tracks down or do some BV’s when needed. I stayed mainly on the management side of things for years and whilst working for Harry Cowell, I looked after the newly signed artists and bands for their Radio, TV and ‘Live’ appearances. After a few ‘gap’ years, a chance meeting with old friend and former band mate John Hogg, resulted in us working together again and we recorded 6 or 7 tracks. (One of which, was the original demo version of 20 Days). I joined his band ‘Brace’ and was ‘back in the game again’. Fast-forward to 2017…. and here we are.

On a day when you are not writing songs or recording music, what do you like to do?

I don’t get a great deal of spare time as I’m in the employ of a couple of other bands. But being a creative person, there’s always an ‘unfinished’ project ‘on the go’. At present, it’s my 1968 Morris Minor, which is currently dismantled in the garage. If the weather‘s good I like to take my motorbike out for a blast.

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