PHINOVA&ANFISA is fast becoming a truly internationally successful EDM duo. The duo consist of the two Phinova (international emcee and hypeman)and Anfisa Known as Dj Anfisa( one of the greatest fashion Dj in Asia ) The duo was formed relatively in the autumn of 2015 in Shanghai, China and within a short period of time they have already signed with label "digital treak" Their first official independent release “With you”, quickly rushed into #1 on the spinnin records talent pool Electro House Chart. We have conducted an interview with them.

What makes "With you" progressed so fast in the EDM world? How do you describe the vibes your music sends out?

First of all, it was a great challenge for us to get in that world but we got so much experience working as resident Dj and Mc in all over Asia. And our 20k followers on Twitter and Instagram really support our project.

For us, this song describes the mixing between love and passion.

What inspires you both to form an electronic music duo? What are the strengths of Anfisa?

The first time we got this idea when we went to Porsche expo in China that day we felt so good energy interacting with the crowd and we decide to put something out.
Anfisa she's that person who never gives up no matter what she put in that crew a powerful energy.

Having so much success on the Electronic House Chart, what are your next goals?

Yeah was so great full to all my fans we were for more than a 2 weeks number 1 in electro house chart now we are working on tour project and new music coming soon with some corporation

Who is Phinova? How long have you been a resident DJ? For whom and where did you work at?

Actually, Phinova is not a Dj. I'm a hype man Emcee already 5 years experience emceeing all over China and I shared the stage with some top100 DJ bass jackers (helpburn) and Mike Williams also in Hong Kong with Simons we can also notice Diego Miranda (muse club). And some music festivals

How relevant do you pride the festivals experiences you have accumulated? Which other mega events/festivals would you like to perform in?

Festival is always a great feeling and differents vibe and we will like to perform in Ibiza , Tomorrowland, Looptopia, Ultramusic festival.

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