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Interview with burlesque performer Danny Daire

Danny Daire is a new male Burlesque performer from the UK. He is a Boylesque performer with a feminine twist. He performs all over the UK including: Basingstoke, Cambridge, Castle Donington, Dronfield, Glasgow (three times), Liverpool, London (eleven times), Manchester, Norwich (twice), Sheffield (twice). We have conducted an interview with him.

What do you enjoy most about being a male Burlesque performer?

I absolutely love being on stage and entertaining an audience. I find it so satisfying and it's fun to entertain people and show my own individuality as a performer. It gives me such a buzz when I am waiting backstage and to be announced onto the stage. Burlesque is an addiction and I can’t concentrate for ages after a show. But I do love to go to the audience at the end of the show, and chat with audience members, and thank them for their support. I never sleep very well after a show. My mind is far too busy for that!

What are you thinking pre-show and during the show?

I adore being a Burlesque performer. Pre show is simply a matter of making sure all my costumes are correctly in position, and familiarising myself with the event organisers, and the layout of the stage and audience seating. It's important that I am able to prepare backstage, and do my makeup, hair and lipstick, and get my costume ready.
During the show it's so exciting. I love performing on the stage and showing the audience that guys can do Burlesque too, and that we were all born to be different. Audiences have been so supportive of me.

What makes you unique as a male Burlesque performer?

I am a male Burlesque performer with a feminine twist. I wear a feminine costume, makeup, nail polish, lipstick when I perform. I also love wearing high heel shoes. I get dozens of compliments at every show from ladies who are fellow performers or audience members who are in awe of my ability to walk and dance in high heel shoes! I also love to have fun on the stage and my performances are generally light hearted and always tell a story on the stage.

Danny Daire Boylesque performing ‘Fallen Angel’. June 7th 2017 from Danny Daire Boylesque on Vimeo.

Where have you performed so far?

I have performed at Burlesque shows all across the United Kingdom. I have performed in Basingstoke, Cambridge, Castle Donington, Dronfield, Glasgow, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Norwich, Reading and Sheffield. I also have performances booked for Brighton, Nottingham, Salford, Winchester and Worcester.

Where else would you like to perform?

I would love to perform at more established shows in the United Kingdom and love travelling around to perform. in 2018 I plan to perform at worldwide Burlesque Festivals to showcase my acts and widen my audience. I love travelling and performing at different European and worldwide cities would be awesome.

What are your career goals?

I would love to establish myself as a top Burlesque performer. I absolutely love performing on the stage and interacting and engaging the audience. I also like travelling around the UK and visiting different places and meeting new people.

Danny Daire Boylesque performing ‘Love to you’. June 7th 2017 from Danny Daire Boylesque on Vimeo.

What is your opinion about 'live' entertainment and performance?

In an era of electronic communications and entertainment, I think the future of 'live' entertainment and performance is important. Nothing can beat a night out watching live performances. So I would urge everyone to go out and support their local shows!

What do you think determines the success of a stage performer?

It's all about engaging the audience! Giving them the best time and making the audience laugh and smile! It's such a buzz and I love it!
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