An interview with Manahel Thabet PhD. A Beautiful Mind!

Ranked among the 30 Smartest People alive, Dr Thabet is the Founder and President of SmartTips Consultants, President (Middle East and North Africa/MENA) of The Brain Trust Foundation, president of the World IQ Foundation, Vice President of the World Intelligence Network (WIN), Deputy Director of the Institute for Brain Chemistry and Human Nutrition and Vice Chancellor of The Gifted Academy. Manahel Thabet Ph.D. is ranked among the 30 Smartest people alive by SuperScholar, Genius of the Year 2013 by the World Genius Directory representing ASIA and Brain of the Year Award Winner 2015-2016. In 2014 she was selected the AVICENNA Award Laureate as a successor to Professor Tony Buzan given every year to those who present best practice in science, connecting East with West through science and knowledge. In 2015 Dr. Thabet broke a new Guinness World Record in 2015in one of the most complicated teaching methods. We have conducted an interview with her.

How do you feel being ranked one of the "30 Smartest People Alive"?

I am honoured to be ranked in the global top thirty. In particular, it elevates me to the status of a role model for aspirational young people around the world. I also feel that I can act as a beacon for girls, whose education is often compromised by social circumstances. There is so much prejudice in the world against female education and intelligence, such as the recent research by Professor Dimitri van der Linden of Erasmus University, Rotterdam, who claims that his research proves that women have lower IQ's than men. My position in the top thirty is a valuable counterforce to such arguments.

Why did you start the 'The World's High IQ Foundation'?

Gifted and Talented people often feel isolated and rejected, especially at school, where their virtues frequently serve to separate them from average pupils. My ambition was to create an environment for high-powered intellectuals who could thereby find a common territory to exchange, nurture and promote their ideas. It might be seen as a global think tank, generating resources of the brain for the future of our planet.

When did you first realize your own giftedness?

I became aware of my own powers when I was quite young. For several years I refused to speak, which my parents feared might be due to mental retardation. However, on being tested by a professional, it transpired that I actually had a genius level IQ and my failure to speak was volitional, not physical. After that, I rapidly developed my strengths and soon had no trouble at all in expressing myself in various languages as well as through mathematics and science.

Who inspires you the most? In which ways do you inspire others?

I am particularly inspired by great scientists, in particular, those who pursue interstellar knowledge. One of my early, as yet unfulfilled ambitions was to become an astronaut, and I find NASA and MOM (Mission On Mars-India) scientists an inspirational group. I like to think that there are no limits and that our God-given intelligence can be spread throughout the galaxies.
My favorite scientist though of all times is Tesla and I believe that he is the "genius". I also believe that he was highly gifted with a bit of communication issues like most geniuses.
As noted above, my achievements act as a lighthouse for the young and especially for young girls who wish to pursue their own education. I inspire them by my multifarious academic achievements, by my independence and I also believe by my charitable efforts and by my strict and devoted adherence to truth, loyalty and morality in all my actions.

Which Guinness World Record did you break?

I acquired my Guinness world record by teaching a record number of 1350 female students to learn the skill of Mind Mapping in super fast time and corrected all Mind Maps in less than 3 hours. The news went viral and resulted in publicity across the globe. Mind Mapping, by the way, is a note taking and creativity tool devised by the English intellectual Prof. Tony Buzan.

In conclusion, I have devoted my career to the life of the brain, I am passionate about it and my ambition is to spread the power of the mind to everyone on earth ....and beyond!

My motto in life is:

If the universe exists the sky is NOT the limit.

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