Interview with Kavi_TheMC

Kavi_TheMC is an Independent artist reppin' in Long Island. He sings, raps, and writes his own songs. We have conducted an interview with him.

What inspires you to write "PSA (Mos Def- Mathematics)"?

What inspired me to write PSA is the constant injustices Minority citizens of the United States face. I feel that Police Brutality has become a major problem yet again, not that it hasn't always been. However I feel like it's being filmed more and more, yet nothing is being done to stop it. I also feel like America is a country that's more entertained and less informed. I feel like there's a lot missing from our Education Systems. Part of me can't help to think people would rather live in their own ignorance than to face whats going on and hold themselves along with the powers that be accountable.

Which phase/s in your entire song writing process do you enjoy the most? Which is the most challenging?

I really enjoy my emphasis of them, they and us. I feel it's important that I separate the everyday people from the government and upper classes. But I also enjoy reaching the hearts of people and allowing myself to be vulnerable. For instance, in these times it's common for daughters and sons to grow up without fathers. In "I Got Y'all" I say "With these women acting like hoes on TV it seems my sisters see no need to be classy and the ones with no father figure fuck these bum niggas and it turns out he's on the same shit as her daddy." I'm exposing the lack of guidance in some households and not just for young women but for these young men as well. As for allowing myself to be vulnerable; in "Uncensored Thoughts" I talk about living in my brother's car while he's in Afghanistan, and contemplating suicide; feeling left out in school from moving so much and how I gained the confidence to feel like I am the best. What I find difficult is punchlines; I have punchlines every once in awhile but I consider myself a poet (Kavi is actually Hindu for Poet). I try to focus on Imagery and Symbolism mostly.

Do you only create your music/songs in the Hip Hop genre?

For now, yes. I want to focus on my craft as a Hip-Hop Artist before I try anything else. I am thinking about learning the guitar and trying some Acoustic and Soul Music. One of my Favorite artists is Justin Nozuka, Hopefully, i'll be doing some of these things soon.

Which are your top 3 favorite recordings within your Soundcloud music channel?

Watch Your Back, Times Up and Uncencored Thoughts . That's in no particular order. These tracks made themselves, Once I heard the music, the lyrics came right after. These tracks show me my potential and not only that but my growth as well. The emotions and energy I put in these stood out from the rest. In Watch Your Back; I spoke of the victims of Police Brutality. I wanted people to hear those names every time they listened. I didn't hold back. On Times Up; I'm asking for people to stand up to these Injustices, telling them to stop letting a book tell them they're living wrong. How can something so "righteous" cause so much pain, hate and death? As I stated in the answer to the previous question; Uncensored Thoughts was personal and put some of my insecurities out on blast but also was a way of overcoming all of those doubts and insecurities. I could feel and hear my influences in these tracks. They literally put a smile on my face when I listen to them because I see them as my accomplishments, my reasons for still living, thriving and striving to make a difference.

What's 'MC' in your handle '@KaviTheMC'?

MC stands for Master of Ceremony. An MC focuses on skills, lyrical ability, and subject matter. I pride myself on those attributes. They make me the artist I am. I'm not a copy-cat artist, I'm not an artist that rides trends, I make music from my soul and create my own path using the roads that were paved before me.

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