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OverIT is an innovative Italian IT company, specialized in optimizing Field processes with cutting-edge technologies (Augmented, Virtual and Holographic Reality, Mobility and GIS). They help companies in improving their Field Service, monitoring the work of operators in real time, organizing the processes, the methods, and the time of interventions to optimize resources and costs. We have conducted an interview with them.

Which are the innovative solutions provided? Please tell us more about your AR module.
Our mission is to provide customers with the best possible Field Service Management solution. With this aim, we created Geocall WFM, a software product that benefits from 20 years of experience in designing and implementing applications to support the activities of field resources for the largest international companies.

Geocall WFM is a constantly evolving suite, that integrates the ultimate digital and mobile technologies, such as wearables, advanced GIS solutions, Augmented, Virtual and Holographic Reality.

Augmented Reality allows increasing the perception of the context in which the user works, combining real-world view with virtual information automatically generated by the device (tablet or Head-mounted display). Geocall WFM provides Geocall AR, a dedicated module allowing to use the Augmented Reality technology in Field Service processes, with great benefits in terms of safety, quality and productivity. In fact, it allows operators to see, for example, underground installations or to automatically recognize objects, networks, and assets, providing the information needed to improve their operations, as well.

What is your company's greatest strength in these cutting-edge technologies?
Innovation is our trademark. We have always been constantly investing in research, testing the most advanced technologies and making them available to our customers before our competitors. Our strengths are therefore the competence, flexibility and prototyping speed of our R&D Department, thanks to which, for instance, we started to realize Augmented Reality solutions 4 years ago, long before the demand came up from the market.
Our ability to innovate was one of the factors that allowed us to enter in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management.

What kind of competitive advantage does being ranked on the Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management gives you?
Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management includes the world’s top 15 companies that excel in this industry. Since 2014, the year we entered in the quadrant, we have achieved a significant growth in competitive positioning, which has enabled us to gain further market share, especially abroad. The presence in the quadrant, certifying the quality of the solutions, is a powerful tool for promoting them, as it is common practice among prospective clients to use it as a tool to evaluate and choose potential suppliers, especially in the Utilities market.

What is your standing in the Utilities market? Who is it best for and how does it benefit them?
Our Field Service product is the unrivaled leader in the Utilities market. Our twenty-year experience with the largest players of this industry has enabled us to gain considerable expertise in the processes of this market and, subsequently, to further enhance the features provided to our customers. We keep achieving great international successes on this market, enabling our customers to streamline the activities of field technicians and teams, optimizing their shifts, reducing costs and increasing the productivity and the quality of the service offered, all with an extremely reduced time to market and with a high benefit-cost ratio.

Where is your company presence? What are your plans for international growth?
We are an Italian firm with a strong international vocation: our customers are in fact all those companies that need to optimize the management of their field activities. With our offices and a network of partners abroad, we manage to extensively cover Europe, the Middle East and LATAM areas. In addition to this, thanks to the recent establishment of “OverIT International Inc” based in Miami (Florida), we aim at expanding our presence in the USA and further strengthen that in LATAM.

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