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Today our guest is Narek Safaryan from Armenia, CEO at RenderForest. RenderForest provides free tools for creating professional intros, animations, slideshows and music visualizations in minutes. We have conducted an interview with Narek.

What kind of free tools does 'RenderForest' provide?

The whole process of creating a video on our platform is completely free. Only high quality rendered videos are for sale, plus none of the videos will have a watermark. The free version has one.

What makes your tools unique and beneficial for your target users?

We provide very high-quality product, our platform is very user-friendly, and we are working to make it even more so. We have a huge catalogue of templates in different categories, to accommodate any need. Some of our templates have about 400 scenes to choose from and have presets - which are pre-made videos, where the character is already chosen, the animation design and color palette is present, for the convenience of our users.

How does RenderForest make it easy for your users to create intro videos for youtube, explainer animations, or even kinetic typography?

As I have mentioned in the previous question, we are extremely easy to use. All you have to do is choose the type of video you want to make, choose the template that suits you best, upload the photos and/or videos, write the text, choose the color palette, the music or upload your voiceover and you are done. We are constantly working on improving and upgrading our service for a better UX/UI.

How important is allowing remote collaboration with remote storage to serve as an added value being a cloud-based video maker?

As you know, today everything is stored on remote servers, or at least have a back up there. The fact that we are offering the cloud storage means that our clients don't have to worry about loosing their work, or laptop, or accidentally deleting the project they have created. Plus, changes are inevitable when creating a video, so that is also made possible with our cloud-based storage. Also, you are not tied to your computer when working with Renderforest. Remote storage allows also access to your account from pretty much any computer, tablet or a phone, which makes editing and downloading the videos that much easier for people who travel or are away from their home or work devices.

What inspires the beginning of this company? What is your role in RenderForest?

I am the CEO of the company. I was always fascinated by video creation. At first, we were a startup of only 4 people, creating animated videos on as ordered basis. As we went on, we noticed that there are many low budget startups that want videos, but don't have the means to order them professionally. That's when the idea of creating a platform that provides a high-quality service for a very moderate price was born. We started working on the idea, and about 4 years later, here we are with more that 2 mil. videos rendered, more that 1 mil users and a team of about 30 people.

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