Artist with a Camera - interview with Jim Hatch

Jim Hatch born in Vancouver, BC and raised in Burnaby.  He is a professional photographer, member of CAPA, Canadian Association of Photographic Artists. Jim has been published in the Canadian Camera Magazine fifteen times and has earned 9 gold medals, 3 silver and 3 bronze to date. We have conducted an interview with him.

When you first started photography, was it a conscious decision that you want to be an artist with a camera?

When I first started photography i was in grade 8 and it was a great way to skip a class, I had no further plans at the time. I think around 2005 I started to paint my photographs and that opened up a whole new world for me I think I am related to Van Gogh? :)

What do you like to capture with your camera? Which is your favorite gear/gadget for photography?

I have a motto when shooting if it moves shoot it, if it doesn't move shoot it.which means I shoot anything, I like my photo's tell a story, When you look at my work it speaks to you, I don't really have any gadgets so to speak of, so I am thinking the tripod for best equipment it stabilizes your shot so there is no blur and photos are tack sharp.

What made you set up a dark room? How relevant do you think it helped in your photography skills?

I lived in Kelowna area and shot for a newspaper so I set up my own dark room so I could enhance my photos, instead of coming from a lab (I was not crazy about the stinky chemicals though) , it really makes you see your mistakes close up how to fix them and to learn from them, I am glad I learned photography on film, but I sure love Digital.

Which magazines have your work been published in?

Several newspapers, I have been published in Canadian Camera in print about 18 times, photo life, outdoor photography, and others I was published in a couple more magazines in the 80's I do not remember what mags, I have been published in a lot of online magazines which seems to be the route these days.

What is your most memorable award?

Hard question all awards are memorable, I have so many memorable awards, I think last year and this year I won Silver and Gold medal for my work because it is a top award in Canada I was on top both years and competing against hundreds of people. to say 'creme de la creme". I have sold my work internationally, it is a great feeling. when someone buys my work, it is hard to explain I just feel euphoria.

How else would you like to share your time and knowledge with others?

I belong to a camera club, we have outings 2 times a month I walk within the group and give advice on how I shoot certain ways, it gives me a lot of pleasure when I watch people in my group grow, we have a great camera club and I hope my knowledge helps them in their journey.

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