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Broken Revelations - interview with author Albert Scott

Albert Scott is a 31-year-old who is pursuing his dream of writing novels, and after being rejected and ignored by dozens of literary agents, he decided to take the self-publishing route to introduce his book the Broken Revelations Universe to the world. We have conducted an interview with him.

What is the setting of 'Broken Revelations'? Why 'horseman rising'?

I have made my hometown of Denver the setting of Broken Revelations: Horseman Rising for one somewhat petty reason: I am tired of reading stories where all the world altering events happening either in New York or Los Angeles, so I wrote a story of a world changing event that takes place in my hometown that takes route that readers will find surprising and enjoy.

As far as naming the first volume of the Broken Revelations series it was effortless once I finished writing it the protagonist discovers that he’s a horseman of the apocalypse and the question is can he rise to the challenges that he will have to face in this new world he’s entering.

Who is your personal favorite key character (note: you can only choose one) in all your stories?

Damn, I can only choose just one? As of right now, I would say my favorite is Matekai She’s the Horseman of Famine, and she’s has a surprising way of using her powers in combat.

What inspires you to write? Who influences your writing the most?

Music, anime and comic books are huge sources of inspiration for me and being able to see other people hard work and dreams come to life in various forms really makes me want to sit and write so I can share the Broken Revelations universe with the world has introduced me to some of the people that I would say that influence my writing: My Fans! (Which still feels a little weird for me to say) sure I have other writers like Tolkien, George R.R Martin and Jim Butcher that has influenced my writing but interacting with my fans has impacted my writing just as much.

What kind of author do you think you are?

I think I am the type of author that just wants to tell good entertaining stories well enough to be in everybody’s top ten authors list

Which is your present project? Which will be the future projects?

My current projects are the sequel to Broken Revelations: Horseman Rising and another novel set in the Broken Revelations universe entitled The Dragon’s Daughter as far as future projects I am currently drafting a script for a comic book that I can’t speak about at the moment.
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