EuroDelays - interview with founder and CEO Valeriy V. Sirotyuk

Valeriy V. Sirotyuk is the founder and CEO of EuroDelays. He is an aviation and space attorney and leads a team of professional attorneys striving to protect air passengers flight rights. At the moment they are completely internet-based, but the main group is based in Chicago, U.S. The regulations -- both U.S. and international -- regulate a diverse set of aviation industry aspects and, among this legislation, is a broad field of customer protection laws. We have conducted an interview with Valeriy.

Which is/are the most commonly violated basic passengers' flight rights?

The most frequently violated air passenger right is the right for reimbursement and compensation. There is a great Latin phrase: “ignorantia legis neminem excusat,” which basically means that ignorance of the law excuses no one. For air passengers, this phrase means that even when one doesn’t know or use his or her rights, it doesn’t mean that one doesn’t have or cannot use those rights. As a matter of fact, perhaps because of this reason, the law allows one to file a flight-related claim up to 2 years (or even 7 years in UK) after the issue occurred.
It is important to keep in mind, however, that the kinds of rights afforded to air passengers depend on the country of their residence. They also depend on one’s departure and arrival points. In what follows I make some important distinctions:

1. In the United States, for example, in the event of domestic delays and cancellations, airlines are not statutorily obligated to compensate anything, and this is a cold and cruel fact. Notwithstanding this, airlines are not evil enterprises and usually will try their best to resolve any flight-related issue by either re-routing your flight or at least offering meals and refreshments while you wait.
In the event of overbookings in the US, consumer rights protection allows compensation of up to $1350 when you are bumped from a flight. People who are not in a rush smartly choose to use this compensation protection.
More information about your rights in the event of an overbooking in the US is available on our website:

2. European Union air passenger regulations have a different approach to targeting flight-related issues and efficiently protect air passengers.

For example, in the events of a flight delay, cancellation, or overbooking, one can receive up to $700 in cash compensation. Some of our clients have received several thousand dollars in compensation for just one flight. Additionally, in some specific circumstances, airlines have to provide their customers hotel accommodations as well as food and refreshments. When dealing with extraordinary circumstances such as strikes, social events, weather conditions, etc. the air passenger has the right to be reimbursed for their ticket.

Seat downgrading and luggage issues are also taken into account in the EU consumer protection laws.
To know more about your rights when traveling on an international flight to or from an EU member country please check our website:

What is 'EuroDelays' about and where are you based?
Modern Aviation is the magic of our days: based on cutting-edge technologies, it provides jobs for millions and indispensable services to our global society. Notwithstanding its highest societal values, aviation is still a for-profit business. To maximize profits, an airline may try to apply "tricks" to avoid its compliance to different areas of aviation regulations. All airlines are obligated to compensate their passengers for various flight-related issues that might emerge. However, statistics show that each day, thousands of passengers are not compensated for issues such as flight delays, cancellations, or overbookings. I have created EuroDelays to protect your flight rights efficiently and professionally. We are experienced U.S. based aviation lawyers striving to advance consumer rights protections. Although we are completely internet-based, we are located in Chicago, USA.

What are the myths about compensation that need to be dispelled?

Many people do not know that they are entitled to compensation or they think that airlines do not pay air passengers the compensation to which they are entitled. In fact, airlines do pay.

What makes you so unique and helps you differentiate in this field?

First, our mission is to help air passengers and, as we say in legalese, to make our clients whole. Second, our team consists exclusively of highly qualified U.S.-trained and -based aviation lawyers. Third, we provide individualized attention to each client’s case, and we are capable to pursue the claim in the courts. We do our best to make our clients happy!

Who benefits the most from the services your company offers?

Air passengers often have to deal with difficult circumstances due to airlines’ mistakes, which can affect different areas of their work or family life. Our mission is to protect air passengers’ rights by legal remedy and get compensation for these inconveniences.

Second, we also assist travel agents and agencies. We work with many travel agencies and are now expanding our work into Asia. Partnering with us allows agencies to have their clients covered with legal protection. As a result, travel agencies are able to provide better customer service and quality care for their clients.

In conclusion, I would like to wish everyone a wonderful, safe, and smooth flight. But if flight-related issue does emerge, please contact us for professional and efficient help!
Please go on our website to learn more about your air passenger rights!

You can file a claim on our website: or just by sending us an email at:

Here’s a video instruction on how to file a claim via our website: 

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