Good Bad Girl - Interview with singer and songwriter Eileen Carey

Country-pop singer-songwriter Eileen Carey, the Los Angeles Music Award’s Female Country Artist of 2017 and New Music Weekly’s Country Breakthrough Artist of the Year 2016 was born and raised in Ohio but has called California home for over two decades. Her career has grown from unknown to respected artist in that time. We have conducted an interview with her about her new music video for her current #1 New Music Weekly Country Single Good Bad Girl.

How do you blend pop, country, and rock with ease in your music? What is your secret?

A love for all three of those genres. My music has always balanced itself between pop and country. I think of my music as American music. As a kid growing up I listened to everybody from Chrissie Hynde to Patsy Cline. To this day my personal tastes are very eclectic. From Bruno Mars to Miranda Lambert.

What is your new music video 'Good Bad Girl' about? What inspired you to it record it?

It’s perfectly fine for a girl to have a little mystery in her personality. We all have within us a little angel and a little devil. Most of the time, I play nice. But “Good Bad Girl” lets me show my more adventurous side. I think that this recent Award comment is another way to describe Good Bad Girl, “'Eileen Carey has the kind of voice from which you can build a band, a career and a varied repertoire; 'Good Bad Girl' exemplifies the sensibilities that describe a modern country star.' - The Akademia Music Awards July 2017

What do you think leads you to your success in the Pop-Country genre?

Hard work and respect for the song. The Pop side of me is very positive, while the Country side needs to tell stories. I am a story teller at heart. Actually came to Hollywood to make films, but music has always been my leaning in life, played drums at 13. Just like I urge folks in my songs if you want something you have to go for it! Own it!

Besides offering distinct, prominent messages about personal empowerment, how do your songs provide emotional fulfillment?

My songs don’t offer emotional fulfillment, personal empowerment does. I’d like to think my songs offer support in that it is good to know that we all have our trials and that we can overcome them by the right attitude toward life. My songs offer encouragement.

Which are the awards you have won?

I have been very fortunate to be consistently nominated by my peers and fans for awards. I am grateful! Just repeating all my awards sounds like a laundry list, but here goes: I have won two New Music Weekly Awards, for Breakthrough Country Radio 2016 and Crossover Artist 2017, three Los Angeles Music Awards, most recently Female Country Artist of 2017. I have won a South Bay Award, Single of the Year in 2009, and three Akademia Awards over the past two years, most recently for my current single Good Bad Girl. It was for Country-Rock Song of July 2017, Good Bad Girl. I have two National Radio Hits’ Awards, most recently NRH Favorite Female Country Artist 2016 and an industry-driven Independent Music Network Award.

Where is your upcoming show, and when will it be held? 

This coming Thursday, the 10th of August, 4:30 pm at the Hanger Stage at the Orange County Fair. I am in the studio all of late August through September finishing up my next single and working on the complete album that In the Air and Good Bad Girl are the first two singles off of, at Nashville Tracks. Have a couple shows in the works TBA very shortly and on December 4th I am showcasing at the Hollywood SyncSummit, which is the year’s most important industry placement and licensing exhibition.

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