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The synergy between those who create fashion and those who create the style which models exhibit is never more apparent than at London Fashion Week and Haute Couture fashion week in Paris. While these international events stand as the elite of the industry, they convey a very different sentiment in regards to the public’s interaction. As someone who has been an active participant in both events, Stylist and award-winning colorist Daniel Doyle has enjoyed his time participating in both but feels quite differently about each. He’ll readily admit that his homeland (Doyle is a native of Liverpool) loyalty may contribute to his leanings but notes that there’s no need to restrict oneself to only one event when you can enjoy and accept the experience that they both offer.

Doyle first came to notoriety due to his affiliation with the world famous Sassoon name. He had always been interested in the opportunities that a career as a hairstylist afforded but became sidetracked…as life often does. Moving and attending the famed Sassoon Academy London, in a short time he ascended and was recognized with the color award from Sassoon. Daniel admits that he happily tells his story to those who are “on the fence” about taking a risk in hopes of a brighter future for themselves as he feels he is living proof that self-investment is a gamble too few undertake.

While Doyle has held chairs at a number of acclaimed salons in London (including Neville hair & beauty), he often uses his talents in some of the world’s most prestigious fashion events like London Fashion Week and Haute Couture fashion week in Paris. The world’s most famous and cutting edge designers require the most sought after models and makeup/hair stylists for these paparazzi and celebrity filled presentations. For the Haute Couture fashion week shows, Doyle utilized his consummate skill at productions which were held in venues like Couturissimo - Orangerie Ephermere, Jardin des Tuileries, Guo Pei - Bourse de commerce, Julien Fournie - Oratorie de Louvre, & Ziad Nakad - Le Westin Paris. Paris takes the event seriously and the intensity of the mood resonates throughout every level of the show. Daniel notes that watching the models adorned with his work was exciting and somewhat surreal. It was an instance of high art meeting the creative fashion world as it can only be experienced in France.

In contrast, London Fashion Week (held in February and September of each year) possess equal creativity and panache but is communicated in an entirely differently manner, one which is easily accessible to Daniel and many others. The event has more than 5,000 attendees and is open to the public. No exclusivity or pretentiousness permeates this London fashion event. Doyle remarks, “Every fashion week I’ve been involved with has been thrilling but LFW brought a whole new level of excitement as this was MY city. My adopted city but my city nonetheless. Seeing areas of London which I pass daily, now transformed…it showed me the city in a whole new light. I’ve always enjoyed socializing around the SoHo area so when LFW moved its base from Somerset house to the Brewer Street Carpark, I was thrilled! Somerset House is stunning and there is no denying that but SoHo is edgy, sometimes grimy, and so alive; full of people expressing themselves, it’s fashion personified! I think the vibe of London as a city plays a part. I’ve found it to be a place where people can be themselves. The cosmopolitan streets lined with everyone from all walks of life, all corners of the globe; like many others, I’ve been accepted by the city with open arms.”

Liverpool is known for its amiable and conversational natives and Doyle ranks among them. It’s a trait which has always had a benevolent effect on his career as he admits, “I would for sure say I’m a people person. That being said, doing the job I do and being as social as I am requires me to sometimes step back and have a little breather. I’m a chatter by nature, so after being on the go all day long you need to be careful you don’t burn out. Still, I think there’s really something to the heart of this in London’s Fashion Week. It’s very cool and very exciting but it’s also about fun; I think that is what fashion and style is to Londoners. It’s self-expression, taking risks, and getting lost in the moment.”

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