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Interview with Italian-American actress Chaunty Spillane

Chaunty Spillane is an Italian American Screen Actor's Guild Actor. She began as an accomplished Internationally Published Cover Girl via modeling, then auditioned for her first Indie film and starred in it. From there, Chaunty went on to work as a background actor to join SAG-AFTRA. While working as a background actress on Ghostbusters (2016) by Paul Fieg, Chaunty was bumped up in her role to help portray the main female ghost (Gertrude Aldridge) whom ectoplasmed on Kristen Wiig's character in the beginning of the film. She is also, the portrait painting of the character above the mantle in the Aldridge mansion. We have conducted an interview with her.

When you first began as an accomplished Internationally Published Cover Girl, what were your thoughts about acting?

Thoughts on acting at that time were beginning to cross my mind as I entered into the social media world of networking. I had always dreamt about becoming an A List actress ever since childhood. I just couldn't figure out quite how to get into acting, but I knew I wanted to be more than just a model--I wanted to have a voice so-to-speak.

What is your most unforgettable working experience as an actress?
Which films and which role did you play? 

My most unforgettable acting experience would be 

1) Being Blessed enough to have the lead protagonist role in the first indie film that I ever auditioned for "Killing Khan". My role was "Monica" and I loved doing stunts.

2) Helping portray the main female ghost in the Ghostbusters 2016 film along with Bess Rous in addition I am the actress in the portrait above the mantle in the Aldridge mansion. That role was "Gertrude Aldridge/Eldridge" and that is the ghost that ectoplasmsed Kristen Wiig's character in one of the establishing scenes in the beginning of the film.

Which is the current film that you are producing and directing? What is it about?

The Cancombe Lady Comedy Improv Sketch is the film that I am producing along with Nate Dunn and Van Brockmann. It is about the character "Cancombe Lady" and captures a day in the life of her absurd lifestyle's typical day. She is very much so "THE Unofficial Joan Rivers of Today" in terms of her shameless political incorrectness. We are on a mission to restore comedy sketches which are a derivative of Variety Shows, such as: "Carol Burnet Show", "The Dick Van Dyke Show", "Sony & Cher" "I Love Lucy" etc

How do you develop the power to gain strength from any/all forms of positivity?

Positivity is contagious just as is negativity. If you had the choice to see life through rose colored glasses or "see life" through really smeared glasses... which would you choose? The rose colored glasses, right? We all go through stress, pain, suffering at different times in life but to different degrees, of course. While some of you may be thinking "You cannot just choose to see life through rose colored glasses" or some may be entertained thinking "I could wear contacts instead"-- yet you do have this choice to view life differently and expand your perspective to higher levels of consciousness. You may just not realize that choice is yours or not know how to get there or both. It is a practice to appreciate positivity without projecting trust issues onto certain types of positivity. One must learn to trust that positivity of any kind is not a sack of "you know what". It is possible, real and obtainable. You can even train yourself to not be as affected by negative experiences by looking at them from a logical standpoint rather than an emotional standpoint---and incorporating both to learn from everything. You say, "Well, how would I ever see a negative experience as a positive one? That's impossible or crazy". What do I say? By being "present" and mindful rather than making yourself stuck in the "past" too much or living too dreamily in the "future". Past/Present/Future and the balance thereof. Those are the first three major keys. But at the same time, we must obtain the other vital keys: Insight/Spirituality/Faith. We must learn from our past, grow in the here and now and be present to experience the here-and-now while making the most of it. I do not have a definitive answer to suit all, because we are all at different stages of life with different experiences. Yet, beginning spiritual practices such as yoga with chivasana at the end of the class is a great place to start. Become your best friend because only you are in charge of you--and if you have an evil boss that you hate, then don't be that kind of boss to yourself. You already have enough to deal with-- it's time for you to be nice to you. Being nice to yourself, by the way, does include the language that you use toward yourself especially adjectives/names.

What would you like to share with us a little about your personal life?

I like to keep my personal life very private. My image on social media does not contain all elements of my life. It's how I am, just presented in a believe it or not: "more easily digestible" and artistic version. I will tell you this though, I stay true to myself and possess not just beauty but "brains" too. I know that my life purpose is to help people and restore fairness/justice where and when possible. That's why I love numbers, investing, making my money work for me and selling insurance that I believe in I go through my struggles too and I am human so I do make mistakes like everyone else and I do also experience pain at times as well as joy etc just like everyone else--for those that are wondering. Also, I do not spend time "getting high on likes/follows/comments", I appreciate all of them very much but I do not want to make room for any ego to develop. Egos get in the way of success and the ability to remain authentic and focused on one's craft--in my opinion. For all the love I receive on social media, I do my best to give back inspiration, thanks and motivation etc. All positivity. I do that in life too-- I think they call it something like "pay it forward". 😉 I love being spiritual and taking on a spiritual perspective yet also I am a bonafide, functional workaholic so I sometimes get side tracked there. As I am now.

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