Interview with personal trainer and nutrition expert Marco Gionfola

Marco Gionfola is an Italian personal trainer, nutrition expert and massage therapist based in Spain. We have conducted an interview with him.

Do you encounter any language barriers being a personal trainer and massage therapist? Do you speak Spanish?

When I left Italy and moved abroad to continue my studies I encountered issues at the beginning but it's been a nice challenge for me. I am proud of my efforts and now I can speak 3 languages fluently.

What is your expertise in nutrition? How long have you been a nutrition expert?

I am specialised in sport nutrition and diet therapy. Diet therapy treats and improves specific health conditions ( obesity, cancer, diet in old age etc) I started studying nutrition when I became personal trainer almost 10 years ago. At the beginning my knowledge in nutrition was "poor" and the course I have done was basic. Over the years I improved day by day and this year I get the diploma in sport nutrition expert and diet therapy.

Do you think personal training and nutrition advice contradicts?

No, absolutely. "We are what we eat" and that's true. We are like cars. Would you drive a car without gas? Would you put diesel in a gas car? The same happens to our body. If you do not follow a right diet plan or if you do not eat healthy, your body won't react in the same way. Training should start in the kitchen, not in the gym.

What are the ways which you keep yourself or your trainees motivated in fitness training?

My clients are my motivation. It's very important for me to help people feel better and beautiful. Before to train your body you have to train your mind. A strong mind will develop a strong body (not only in terms of shape) First of all you need to set your goals. If you do not have a reason to do something, there's no reason to start. We are human beings, so it's normal if sometimes you lose your motivation. This happens in athletes too. A good way to stay motivated are inspirational phrases and photographs. Every day we see inspirational quotes and pictures on Instagram for example.
Meditation is another way to keep yourself motivated.

Find a workout partner, this will help you to keep yourself focused and motivated. You can help and support each other. Also, athletes are a good inspirational source. In my blog and in my social networks people can find inspirational quotes, pictures or videos I post almost every day (I try) when I am not busy.

What would you say to a client who has abysmal eating habits?

No matter if you are overweight, underweight etc.. For many people it's very hard to change their eating habits. If you really love your clients and you don't think only about their money, you have to take care of themselves and spend time to teach them how to eat healthy, understanding their needs, their weaknesses and what you can do to improve their eating habits. I always say to my clients that it's never too late to change habits or life. A healthy diet is the key for a better life.

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