Interview with rapper and songwriter Ewattz

Born September 13, 1991, Quatreal Edwards, better known by his stage name Ewattz, is an American Rapper/Songwriter. In 2006 He made his first appearance as a mixtape DJ, on "We Do It For The Hood Vol.1" by artist's Chase & Broadcast. He released his debut mixtape "Friday Tha 13th" in 2011. With a great online response, he went on to release his 2nd mixtape "Electrostatic Vol.1" in 2012. After the success of his 2nd Mixtape, Ewattz focused on building and mastering his sound. In 2014 Ewattz partnered with indie record label Yacht Club Music. In 2015 Ewattz alongside Yacht Club Music's artist "King Jay" & "Rell Really" began to hit the road and establish a name for themselves in the Los Angeles Area. By 2016 Ewattz completed two projects, but only a promo collaboration project was released. At the end of 2016 Ewattz parted ways with Yacht Club Music. In 2017 Ewattz decided to finalize his solo project that he had been working on for that past year. He released that project on July 27th 2017, entitled "The Expression" We have conducted an interview with him.

How did you decide on your stage name 'Ewattz'?

I was given the name Ewattz when I was 15 years old, by my older cousin "Chase", who at the time requested that I become his Mixtape DJ. Not to be confused with the Los Angeles neighborhood "Watts", but the Wattz in my name represents a "Derived Unit Of Power". Such as a 100 "Watt" light bulb, or a 2000 "Watt" Amp, etc. As for the "E", it represents my last name "Edwards". Transitioning from a DJ into an artist, I decided to keep the name.

How long have you been a Rapper and Songwriter? What kind of songs do you like to write?

I started rapping when I was 8 years old, I'm 25 now so, pretty much my whole life. I've always been involved in music some form way or fashion. From singing in a church choir at the age of 5, to playing the drums in middle school, also taking another music class in high school. It wasn't until I was 15 that I became a songwriter.

As far as the kind of songs I like to write, it really all depends. Sometimes I like to feed off the energy of the music, however, it makes me feel, I'll go off that. Sometimes I'll already have an idea in mind, then I'll find an instrumental that fits it or, create one.

When was your first debut? How great was the online response?

My first debut was in 2011, I released my first mixtape entitled "Friday Tha 13th", which I recorded and engineered myself.

The online response was great, it allowed me to work with many different producers and artist that were able to view my talent. Also, some singles from the mixtape received a couple thousand plays and downloads, it also helped me to create a small online following.

Which has been your favorite recording?

I don't know if I necessarily have a favorite. I like them all, I believe they're all unique in their own way. However, I always tend to like my latest material best.

Please share with us more about your recent release ''The Expression''. What inspired you to create this?

This project has more of a melodic sound, mixed with an aggressive style of rap, most of the songs are mid to high tempo. The concept of the project is pretty much self-explanatory, a collective of songs that I'm "expressing" myself on. On a much deeper level, if you look at the cover artwork, you'll notice my hand is covering my mouth as there's an American flag in the background. This simply represents how America likes to silence those who express themselves. This project has many more hidden messages and jewels, I would love for everyone to at least take a listen to this project and hopefully find them.

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