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Interview with Sr. Project Manager Jennifer Sharp

Jennifer Sharp is a Sr. Project Manager, having worked at The Walt Disney Company, Lockheed Martin, Orlando Health and Eli Lilly & Company. She is an accomplished technology professional with over 15 years of broad expertise cultivating strategic relationships with internal and external clients to drive innovative solutions for optimum productivity and efficiency in diverse arenas. We have conducted an interview about her new Project Management service.

What did you include into your Project Management Package? What emphasis would you like to make about your project management strength?

In the package, a zip file is offered (at a cost) for those just starting out with project management (new Project Managers or those putting on an event). My strengths are being unafraid of addressing big issues head on and spending the time to understand what is truly needed from beginning to end. Having over 15 years of experience, I have worked on small, personal projects and large, corporate-wide projects.

The zip folder includes:

  • High-level Project Plan
  • Test Plan
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Communication Plan

What is your past experience?

I have been fortunate to work at many Fortune 500 companies. I began in communication and analytics in government (City Controller’s office of Terre Haute, Assistant to the Governor of Indiana, and the Indiana State Department of Administration), as well at Eli Lilly & Company and Lilly UK. After living in England for nearly 3 years, I was employed as a Data Analyst at Lockheed Martin for over a year as a contractor, and I also worked as a Project Manager/System Administrator at Orland Health and the Marriott Gaylord Palms Resort. My most impactful time has been spent at The Walt Disney Company as a Senior Data Analyst and Senior Project Manager.

How does your site help people managing their project?

By getting the zip package, they have what they need to lead a project from start to finish.

Who are the people you want to reach? Which areas in project management is your site able to assist?

There are many sites that focus on getting your PMP (Project Management Professional) certification, but you are supposed to have around 5 years experience for that. This site is for those starting out so they can begin their journey to the PMP if they wish, but the focus is actually leading a project rather than studying for a test.

What is your background experience in public speaking? Which are the topics you speak about?

I do a lot of presentations at work and at Toastmasters focused on project role clarity (what is the purpose of a Project Manager? What are the responsibilities of a Product Owner?) and personal development that looks to helping you find out how to improve your performance rather than telling you how to do your job. I would like to do similar presentations at Project Management World conferences.
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