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Interview with Youtuber Orenda Rain

Orenda Rain is a Youtuber and Entrepreneur. Her youtube channel specializes in Unboxing Witchy/magical/metaphysical subscription boxes. We have conducted an interview with her.

What do you specialize in using your Youtube Channel?

To be honest, I don't like "specializing" in anything when it comes to the content I create for my Youtube channel, because I want my channel to be diverse, label free, and a place to share the things I'm interested in. However, my main direction is witchy subscriptions unboxings. I am a subscription box addict and obsessed with anything witchy, magical, and pagan related.

How did you grow your community online (YT circle)?

I never really took any approaches to grow online. I just started uploading videos and sharing my links on my Instagram, and I guess people were drawn to my videos. I do hope to grow more and more, and I wish this interview can introduce people to my channel and interest them in joining my Rain Drops fam.

What inspired you to create your channel? Which positive feedback did you get from your viewers?

It never ever occurred to me to start a youtube channel before. It was so random for me and happened all of a sudden. It began after I moved abroad for a scholarship program which was preceded by a job offer, which meant I would need to move away from my hometown. It was a lot to take in, especially that the country where I am now is very conservative and not too open about pagan related topics. I was feeling nostalgic and away from my practice. I decided to cheer myself up by signing up for subscription boxes in order to get my supplies and feel more spiritually connected.

After receiving my first box, I was beyond happy and just wanted to share my joy and new items with the world. So I decided to make unboxing videos to show my collection and to allow people to see what comes in these mystery monthly boxes.

A lot of people started watching my videos and have commented that my videos make them really happy and puts a smile on their faces. They liked my excitement and energy when opening these treasures on camera and sharing my passion with them.

What is in 'witchcraft/paganism' that interest you the most? How do you plan to unite all the people coming from backgrounds of this field?

Witchcraft is a broad term for the belief and practice of magic. It can be found in various cultures across history and means something slightly different to every group.Today, witchcraft practices varies widely and may be a spiritual expression of any variety of religions or a secular activity performed apart from religion. There are even atheist witches and Christian ones. When we hear the term witch or magic we either think about Harry Potter fanatics or an evil malevolent old hag. Magic is not a hocus pocus way of bending the laws of nature to suit your needs. The magic of witchcraft is to raise and channel the energy that is within you to bring it in harmony with nature to achieve the desired result. The energy used by a witch may be environmental, from herbs, stones, and other natural objects, or it may come from the witch herself/himself or it may be channeled through the witch from a God or Goddess or from the Earth or Universe at large. My channel is a place where any person regarding their belief or opinion can enjoy my content and see me ramble about my witchy things. There are no labels or restrictions in my channel, and that's what was my goal since day one.

Which is the most fascinating subscription box that you have 'opened'? What was inside?

That's a really hard question for me because I truly enjoy and love every single box I receive from all the wonderful companies I'm subscribed to. Each box is uniquely special and is filled with positive energy.

However, a box which I truly love and resonate with is the Moon Box. Each month this box manages to surpass my expectations with the beautiful items it contains. Also, I have never met kinder people than their staff. Upon opening The Moon Box, a bright positive energy hits you instantly, you can notice the care and love that went in each item and their connection with the chosen theme. You almost feel as if it's a personal gift made just for you.

From the UK I have to mention the Pagan Parcel Box from Crafting Magic. This box is ideal for any beginner. The curator Terry puts lots of information with every box and explains each item's background/association whether historical, magical, or medicinal. Each box comes packed with all the witchy tools and essentials you need to perform any ritual or spell plus a couple more surprise rare pieces.

What is the dream you have been fantasizing about? Which stages are you currently on and for how long have you been working towards achieving this dream?

Magic & witchcraft has always been a passion of mine. Ever since I was a child I would always pretend to be a witch and imagine I have magical abilities.

On the other hand, in the mundane world, I am very passionate about business & the corporate route. Despite my young age, I am a successful young business woman and I absolutely love my current job and thank all the gods & goddesses for it every day. After my sudden transition and change, I decided to combine my two passions into one, and therefore I decided to start up my own magical business.

I am currently on the final stages of setting up my company and working on the business activity that I want to have. I am also very passionate about beauty and makeup, so my main idea is to start my own line of a magical makeup brand. It's going to be magical because the ingredients and properties will be 100% of a magical formulation. I have had this business plan ever since I was in high school, and thankfully today I am able to pursue it.

I'm also very grateful to take this opportunity to announce this to my viewers and followers. So thanks a million for giving me this opportunity to do so. I hope my products will charm and glamour who ever uses them.

Thank you to all the people who have been kind enough to watch my videos and comment with a simple word and great encouragement. I appreciate all the love & support I have gotten so far and consider myself very fortunate for this. My small family is really precious to me. Also thanks creative studios for giving me this chance to talk about myself and my channel.
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