Make It Soph

Sophie graduated with first class honours studying model making last year and she is currently setting up her own brand "Make It Soph" and it includes everything to do with making, building and creating. She has a passion to fill everyday with doing something creative, no matter the scale or medium! We have conducted an interview with her.

When was the first time you embarked on "Miniature Artwork" and "Model Making" projects?

I've grown up with watching Aardman shows and films so Stop-Motion animation has always been an interest of mine, but I was introduced to model making on a course when I was 18 making maquettes out of plasticine and loved it. So I have been doing it everyday since!

In which ways or how would you show people what it is like to be a part of the randomness in Model Making?

I have recently started a YouTube channel which will showcase my work, hopefully inspire others and help me connect with various different creative individuals from various backgrounds. It's a great way recording my own creative process, sharing it and then getting the feedback which will then lead to more ideas bringing it full circle.

How many people like you have achieved the first class honours in Model Making?

I was lucky to be one of the first people in my university to try out new model making specific briefs, because where I love Stop-Motion animation, I preferred to focus on the model making rather than the animating. So I was allowed to give input to the tutors about the direction I wanted to go in, which then allowed them to create briefs tailored to my interests, this then led to creating final pieces that would really make sure my portfolio stood out.

What considerations did you take into branding your work "Make It Soph"?

I left university with my brand being "SAL Minimations" but I was never fully happy with it as it's too restricting. The "Make It Soph" idea came to me as I was doing a Star Trek sketch this year. My mother is a Trekkie (she wanted to call me Deanna after Deanna Troi) so I've grown up watching The Next Generation and Captain Picard drinking Earl Grey tea and quoting "Make It So". It was a lightbulb moment, but really it was there all along.

How important is attention to detail to you?

Extremely. I love how you can create something on a miniature scale, take a photo, share it and people will spend ages actually looking at that photo as they try and work out how you've created it, the patience it takes, etc. More detail, more believable it becomes this then allows you to see things it from a different perspective. Normally giving you distance, I personally find comfort in being taken away from reality when looking at miniature work. The detail is always something that can be improved, I constantly challenge myself to see how far I can push it.

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