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PREMO - Interview with co-founder and managing director Pat Macken

Pat Macken is the Co-Founder & Managing Director of PREMO. He has a degree in Hotel Management. He masters in Marketing and he has 15 years of experience in Promotional Marketing and Campaign execution. He set up PREMO to bring campaign management tools to a wider audience. We have conducted an interview with him.

Who is this platform intended for? What are the advantages of using PREMO?

PREMO supports small and medium-sized companies, established corporations and agencies, managing marketing activities on behalf of their clients. The platform allows creating engaging online promotional campaigns to help organisations build marketing strategies, raise brand awareness, grow a loyal customer database, meet business goals and ultimately increase sales and revenue. The advantage of using PREMO is that clients can see positive results in a short period of time.

How does PREMO platform help small business owners in lead generation?

The efficiency of a business is related to how effective they are at generating qualified leads. So, consistent lead generation is vital for any business, especially for the small ones. Creating lead generation campaign with PREMO is an easy and straight forward process. Clients can quickly build unique landing pages and forms, add their creative designs and start collecting leads. Then the system automatically gathers the data into a comprehensive database. Business owners can use this information to improve their future marketing strategies. For example, they could further target the leads with focused email campaigns and special, customised offers to turn them into actual customers.

Which are the most widely used promotional campaigns (Cashback, Sweepstake, Warranty, Money-Back Guarantee, Product Registration)? What is the level of data security for clients using your system?

It really depends on the industry, the business environment and the stage of the company. Are customers price sensitive, are there too many competitors, are there off peak sales periods, is the company just getting started?

The goal of Cashbacks is to persuade customers to quickly take a decision and buy the product. It could be a great strategy if the company is introducing a new product, which is not popular among the audience. Sweepstakes on the other hand, increase awareness and generate excitement and interest in a brand. It is a quick and inexpensive tactic to expand brand presence and establish brand recognition. Warranty and Money-Back Guarantee promotions are used to build trust with customers. They prove that you are confident in the quality of the product you offer and they create strong brand loyalty and lead to long-term relationships.

Each of the campaigns PREMO offers bring positive results and could be crucial to business success. What is great about PREMO is that you can not only execute a campaign but also analyse the results and use them to identify any trends you have not noticed before or understand the buying habits and needs of customers.

PREMO is using advanced data encryption technology, so the security of information is given and clients are safe to collect sensitive information like customer contact details.

How long did you take to develop this SaaS platform PREMO?

The idea of PREMO was born in April 2015. Working from scratch, the team put together the design, content, visuals and software functionality and the very first prototypes were ready in October. The development of the core features like Form Builder, Page Builder, Navigation Dashboards and mini CRM started in January 2016. Since then the marketing team has been working on defining the marketing strategy, building the brand, launching the website and growing our audience while the developers continued preparing the platform for its full launch. The platform launched in early May 2017. It was a long and challenging road but at the end we were really happy to see the final result from our efforts.

What is the most challenging aspect of managing a SaaS platform? How did you overcome it?

As with any project there are a lot of challenges. Managing change is always one of the most challenging aspects to any SAAS company as we are in a “continuous improvement” environment. We constantly seek users’ feedback in order to fine tune our service in order to meet our clients’ needs. The issue can be prioritising which change to action and implement first.

In terms of acquiring new clients, delivering the right message to the right clients is essential. So, to stay competitive you need to know your audience in detail and communicate your service in the best possible way. We stay on top by keeping track of the latest innovations, identifying possible opportunities and developing tailored solutions.

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