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Upgrading Your Health with Therapy on Demand Founder Adam Parsons

Therapy on Demand is a digital wellness service featuring a team of the world's top therapy and health care experts. You'll access instant and secure coaching from top professionals from the fields of Psychology, Allied Health, and Wellness. We have conducted an interview with the founders.

Who are in your team of Therapy? Which fields of expertise are they from?

The Therapy on Demand team of consists of international experts in physical, mental and emotional health. Our customers may choose to digitally meet with one or more coaches from allied healthcare, fitness, yoga, meditation, and psychotherapy fields. Our coaches are specially selected for their unique skills. For example, Rie Cherie, RTY is an actual “yoga therapist” who is trained to apply yoga science in order to improve certain conditions and “dis-eases”. We decided to add coaches such as personal trainers after reviewing massive amount of scientific research that shows even simple exercises can improve mood and reduce pain.

Since many believe true “therapy” cannot be provided online, we deliver “coaching” which achieves similar results, and serves as a useful add-on to regular services such as annual doctor’s physicals, chiropractic, and massage therapy.

How do you provide a safe and convenient health service? What is included in your privacy policy and guarantee of safety?

Convenience is key. First, we offer the lowest prices in our industry, from drop-in rates to an affordable subscription (that can be shared with members of the same household).
Your services are instantly confirmed for the date and time slot of your choosing. At your session start time, your coach will email a secure Google Meet session link (all you need is the free Google Chrome browser, or the “Google Hangouts Meet” app for Apple or Android). You can chat, voice or video chat during your session based on your comfort level and goals. For your safety, we follow US-HIPAA guidelines which means that all your services are private, confidential, and secure. We have a dedicated privacy official, Alan Emerson, who can address any concerns or questions. Our privacy policy can be reviewed here.

Besides health and wellness articles, reviews, educational and informational content, what is an upcoming product that you will be launching? 

We’re very excited to be launching a companion wellness app! Without revealing too much, our aim is to create the best-ever wellness assistant that integrates existing devices like the Fit Bit, smart watches, and biofeedback monitors. You can connect with our coaches on-the-go and get helpful reminders for your health and peace-of-mind.

What are its benefits?

The app (coming Winter 2017) serves as a healthy sidekick (driven by artificial intelligence) making it fun and easy to get healthy and stay healthy. Custom feedback and features (like biofeedback) can provide anxiety relief, cognitive training and tools. You can share data with friends and family, and stay engaged with our coaching team. We’re working on more cool features for future builds including digital coaching in virtual reality environment.

How can someone suffering from 'Digital Depression' use your services? How much will it cost? 

For starters, Digital Depression sufferers might do best to take our free Wellness Score and then book a free screening with a Therapy Coach. Your Wellness Score will show you what areas of your holistic health can be improved upon, and your coach can help you put those plans into action (and stay motivated along the way). It’s good to check your Wellness Score at least once a month to stay on track.

Is this digital wellness service available 24/7?

Yes. We have around the clock coverage and will be adding coaches as user demand increases. Immediate assistance is available by emailing: 
Email support is always free, and soon we will have chat too.

How can someone begin the use of your services? 

Getting started is easy. “Book Now” for a drop-in session, or “Subscribe and Save” for the best results! Therapy.Coach website will be getting a redesign and new features coming very soon
If you want to chat some before getting started, or have any other questions, feel free to email me at:

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