All About Manos! - interview with Catherine Natale and Eden Young

Catherine Natale & Eden Young are the creators, writers, and co-stars of a dark comedy web series called All About Manos! They launched “Burnt” Episode 1 September 13th, 2017 and will be releasing Episodes 2, and 3 over the next few weeks. We have conducted an interview with them.

What do you think is the future of dark comedies for 'Web Series'?

Eden Young: Like Jay Z says "the internet is the Wild Wild West" and is wide open for amazing creativity which I think is exciting. Dark Comedy Web series are bound to thrive.

Catherine Natale: People want to watch the unexpected. They want rich and deep characters who they can relate to or who they can say "Hey I knew someone like that and he/she drove me crazy too! I want to see what is going to happen next." People want short spurts of entertainment now and online entertainment is the future.

When did you begin your acting career?

Eden Young: When haven't I been acting … my mother, Dalene Young officially put me on stage at 6 years old at the New Play Writes Theatre to keep me out of trouble and hence my creative journey began from theatre to film with standup in between. I was recently in The Cross Over at the Actor’s Forum Theatre. I did stand up for a bit in Los Angeles at Flappers, the Comedy Store, Sal’s Comedy Hole and the Helium Club in Portland, OR.

Catherine Natale started her career because she loved to move and entertain people. As a little girl being so shy the arts was her way of feeling free. So she started when she was a teen and continued to study and began performing in New York in Off-Broadway on stage and later started into short films, after moving to Los Angeles started getting small roles in films and TV such as Tree's Lounge (Steve Buscemi) Burlesque (Cher) and independent films such as Wheels and Beyond the Pale to mention a few. She started writing about 4 years ago and All About Manos is her second attempt to write. Her other comedy pilot Redneck Weddings has been in several festivals as a semi-finalist.

What inspires you to make your new show 'All About Manos'? What is it about?

Eden Young: Well Catherine & I despise being bored. And when you think about it what is there to wait for. We love to make people laugh; I think you can really touch people's lives through laughter and comedy.

All About Manos is a female-driven dark comedy about love, obsession and getting what you want! Friends meet I Love Lucy. Two Best Friends sticking together through thick and thin while trying to find themselves. Each has her own obsession: Geraldine has been madly in love and knows she is the one for Vic Manos since their one and only date in high school..... fast forward to today and she has followed him all the way to the City of Angels to convince him that they are meant to be. While Jane (Geraldine's BFF) "collects" things, loves dolls, and searching for her purpose in life.
Collection? Obsession? Hoarding? True Love? Or..... Obsession? Well, it’s a fine line between determination and obsession.

Who are the writer(s) and main actor(s)? Could you tell us a little more about their background and experiences?

Eden Young & Catherine Natale Co-Star Co-Wrote & Co-Produced All About Manos... Eden Young acts - does stand up - and now writes & produces

Catherine Natale has written another comedy pilot that has been in several festivals and has performed on stage, film and TV. Eden Young has also done the same performed stand-up and performed on stage, TV, and film.

Where has the cast of your show been seen?

Christopher Chen has been acting up a storm with tons of guest and co-stars: Ray Donavan, Modern Family, Scream Queens and more. Shelly Desai has been seen in It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Men of A Certain Age, Here Comes the Boom, and Toys. Our wonderful Male lead Alexis LaDelRosa who plays Vic Manos has most recently been on “Shameless”, “CSI NY” and “Hawaii 5-O.” There is no way…. NO WAY we can forget to mention: Danny Herb, our fabulous director. Danny has directed and produced Lishy Lou and Lucky too, Session One, and Two Guys One Truck, and a bunch of music videos all while owning his own sound studio. We would love to talk and spread the word on this new show. Please check out our trailer and Bios on our website:

See you on the net……….


All About Manos a dark comedy is on a roll. Since the last interview on Crazy Mind last summer 2017 the web series is continuing to gain an audience! A dark comedy about a woman who had one date in high-school and that date has never ended twenty years later. Geraldine Santini's love for Vic Manos the one man who got away! The series takes place twenty years later and now Geraldine must convince Vic Manos that she is the one.

Since last summer, three episodes have been launched. The show has won Best Web Series at the NSAEN Online Film Festival, Semi Finalist at the LACineFest and San Mauro Film Festival and is the official selection at the LAWEBFEST in April 2018 and has been nominated for Comedy in Outstanding Lead Actor Alexis LaDelRosa (Vic Manos) and Outstanding Supporting Actor Christopher Chen Jay Spot. and we are an award nominee in Trailer at the LAWEBFEST 2018 at the Sony Studios in Los Angeles CA.

All About Manos is now on three digital online platforms:




Other digital media companies are taking a look at this web series with the hopes of having more episodes. The goal in the future is to shoot more episodes and the web series to develop with bigger locations and storylines. A crowd funding campaign will launch soon. Please visit for all updates.

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