Chic Chiq Ayurveda Cosmetics

CHIC CHIQ is a story of the discovery of Ayurveda, that began back in 2011 and has now resulted in the development of a line of luxury cosmetics inspired by Ayurveda. We have conducted an interview with Patrycja Rotithor, founder of ChicChiq Ayurveda cosmetics.

What is Chic Chiq? 

Chic Chiq is a luxury cosmetics and lifestyle brand rooted in the ancient Ayurveda philosophy. 

When was the first time you learn about Ayurveda and these 'whole-body' holistic systems? 

When living in Hong Kong, the humidity caused my hair to be frizzy and my skin to be oily. Mainstream beauty products did not help, and I was ready to give up when a colleague introduced me to Ayurveda. Seven years later, I use Ayurveda-inspired beauty techniques and ingredients every day.

Why did you decide to start Chic Chiq Ayurveda Cosmetics? 

Traditional Ayurveda products in India can be off-putting. They are usually packaged in non-descript plastic bags, are messy, and can have strong, offensive odors. ChicChiq offers traditional Ayurveda cosmetics in a safe, modern and luxurious presentation. 

What were the challenges you faced during the startup phase? 

Ingredients and regulations proved to be the biggest challenges. The ingredients in our products are all-natural and cruelty-free. Many are also very labor-intensive. The white turmeric we use is only gathered once per year in the Himalaya after the monsoon. Our rose petals are hand-picked from Bulgarian fields. Once the ingredients have been secured, we also faced the challenge of meeting strict EU regulations. 

What drives your company and the business today? 

We are driven by our passion for Ayurveda and to share it with the rest of the world. Natural cosmetics are becoming more and more popular in the West, and Ayurveda is a natural path to take. After all, it has a 5,000 year history that continues to this day! 

How different are you from other cosmetic brands? 

Our products follow the three basic rules of Ayurveda beauty care: cleanse, nourish and moisturize. They are safe, natural, and environmentally-friendly. Unlike other Ayurveda products, Chic Chiq cosmetics are designed to give you a true DIY spa experience in your own home. Modern packaging and a delicate scent let you make the most of millennia of Ayurveda knowledge in a 21st century, Now-Age form factor.

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