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Suresh Parakoti is the Founder and CEO of, an online contingent staffing firm that leverages artificial intelligence to connect top IT talents with companies and hiring managers. Suresh has over 20 years of experience in technology and staffing, and is currently building out the next generation of procurement models by utilizing AI technology and machine learning. We have conducted an interview with him.

Where does your company name derive from?

Our company name is derived from cranchiid squids, which comprises of about 60 species with one trait in common: their transparent nature. This is why they are more popularly referred to as glass squids. At, our philosophy is total transparency in the contingent staffing process - both in the job hunting and talent acquisition perspectives - providing both contingent opportunity seekers and hiring managers as much information as possible about their prospects. Our methodology mirrors the transparent nature of the cranchiid squids, thus the name glass squid. More information on our name and transparency practice here.

What are the key characteristics of your company in the procurement process?

We use data-driven, artificial intelligence technology to match the skills and experience of IT professionals to open contingent opportunities.
We exclusively procure IT talents and positions, particularly Java, .Net and web developers.
We procure contingent (contract and contract-to-hire) commitments.
We cater to mid- to large-sized companies, with multiple hiring requisitions.
We are currently serving the New York and New Jersey business markets, with plans to expand to other regions in the US in the future.

Briefly, please tell us how your company leverages on Artificial Intelligence? What are the benefits to your clients as well as job-seekers? is an online startup that leverages artificial intelligence in the IT contingent staffing experience. Through cognitive algorithms, our platform takes the guesswork out of the hiring process, and evaluates compatibility between IT professionals looking for contract and contract-to-hire opportunities, and companies looking to fill positions that require specific qualifications. The matching is done based on skills, experience, tech screening results, and other preferences such as location, compensation and work engagement.

For companies, makes acquisition of contingent IT talents more efficient. Instead of having to review piles and piles of resumes, many from unqualified and/or under-qualified candidates, companies and their hiring teams will only receive curated and vetted applications from our talent pool. also offers efficiency to job seekers. With our platform, all they have to do is to create a FREE candidate profile by uploading their resume, specifying their skills and experience as well as work commitment preferences, and answering the most commonly asked interview questions with a video profile. This allows them to highlight certain achievements that are not easily translatable from their resumes. Plus, it gives them the opportunity to show companies a glimpse of their personality prior to initial contact. Our AI-powered platfrom then matches all of the information that they have keyed in to relevant open opportunities, and notify them to get their approval prior to submission. No more long hours of searching through job boards and crafting cover letters for each job application!

How does tech screenings work? designed our custom theoretical, practical and coding based questionnaire. The questionnaire have been developed by experienced hiring professionals who have extensive experience in hiring of IT contingent talent. Our tech screening process is unique in that the IT talent can specify what their expertise level is in a particular role and skill. Our algorithms then configure the custom specific test to the talent. For instance, if the contingent talent specifies that he is an expert in Java as a Developer and intermediate in Java as an Architect, our platform automatically customizes the test questionnaire appropriate to his level of expertise, role and skill. By evaluating the candidates’ test scores versus their skills scored based on their resumes, hiring managers can determine the right IT contingent candidate for their open positions.

Additionally, the tech screening can be customized with specific questions from the companies and/or hiring managers.

What kind of savings do companies get from your platform? helps companies procure top quality IT contingent talent, 3x better and 2x faster, and save them up to 30% on the hourly rates paid to traditional staffing firms. With these savings in hiring costs, IT contingent talents are offered up to 15% higher hourly rate than having to go through traditional staffing firms. - online contingent staffing firm Reviewed by JaamZIN on 8:09:00 PM Rating: 5
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