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Interview with artist Trisha Foster

Trisha Foster is a 31-year-old mom from Canada. She has been doing art since she was 8 years old and graduated high school with a scholarship to an art college. We have conducted an interview with her.

What kind of art do you enjoy creating? What do you consider content?

Hmm I'd have to say I enjoy creating art that makes people happy. I love a challenge and really enjoy sketching architecture but I guess anything people can look at and say "aww" or "this is great" is a real triumph for me! As for content, anything has the potential to be art. It's all in how you perceive your surroundings haha.

Tell us a little more about your support system?

I have a crazy support system! When I originally decided to start painting for the LGBTQA+ community everyone supported me and helped me promote! I have an excellent group behind me from all walks of life and I really couldn't have done it without them! They are my true inspiration. (You know who you are haha)

What kind of techniques do you apply to your art? Why do you choose it/these?

Lets see, technique...I guess anything really that brings a "thick" look. Some simple brush strokes on a digital program and some colored pencil lines is really the only techniques I have haha. I guess I choose them because of my love for the classics and the dark, rich look it brings.

What is the process of each painting you make? Are they always similar or different?

Process wise it's simple. I choose or someone chooses what they'd like to see and after that it's basically using it as a model. For the most part I paint the same look sort of like a signature but if a different look or technique is requested then of course I would definitely enjoy doing it!

What do you paint? Who/what influences your art?

Usually I paint characters from television or movies. It's really characters that I have learned from, or are influencing a whole generation of people. People that are making the world a better place; whether it be tolerance or inspiration wise. I find these are the most important topics of today, and they really make me want to create! Plus the models being so pretty really helps of course haha!

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