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Interview with author Keith Brandon

Keith Brandon is a 37 years old author from the United Kingdom. He works in the hospitality industry. He started to write about 5 years ago in the field of sci-fi, fantasy and fiction and this year he has published his first two books the "Lost Universe and Nathan Loth Darak-The Last Vampire". We have conducted an interview with him.

Why did you write these two books: Lost Universe and Nathan Loth Darak-The Last Vampire books? How different are they?

Writing is my passion, this is the way I can express myself in this life. I like to tell stories, it entertains me and love to entertain others and surprise them with my thoughts. Lost Universe is an epic tale that takes humanity to the farthest parts of the universe to find our origins. And Nathan Loth Darak is the tale of a 1000 yrs old vampire who falls in love, but in the same time have to rescue the world from the evil forces and the devil himself.

When was the first time that struck you to write in the genres 'Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Fiction'?

After seeing Star Wars for the first time in '91. I wrote a few stories/short stories but they never got published.

Who has the most influence over your style of writing? Whose books do you like to read?

The first major impact had on me was from Isaac Asimov with his 'Foundation' series, that I have read 3 times. Then it was Frank Herbert's 'Dune', another great classic. Then I have to mention Terry Goodkind's fantastic 'Sword of the Truth' series and least but not last L. Ron Hubbard's Battlefield Earth epic story.

How about some sneak peek, 'What will your next book be about?'

My next book is Lost Universe II. and there will be battles all over the galaxy as the frantic race begins to find the place 'Home' the birth place of all races.

How strong are your will and determination before you got your books published? What is your advice for new indie book authors?

I had a strong will to get published, it took about 6 months, I woke and went to bed with this thought. For new authors my advice is: patience, strong will, do not give up as obstacles will come in your way, don't feel bad to sacrifice your time for writing and publishing and spend time about it. You never know how things will come out at the end and what kind of things will you experience during this time and after you have got to the top. :)

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