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Interview with author Shellie Palmer

Shellie Palmer is a Stark County Ohio native, born in Canton raised in rural Hartville. She was and still is a small town girl, kid at heart. Living and currently residing in Hartville writing her 6th book from an 8 part series she began on her life's journey more than 18 years ago. We have conducted an interview with her.

How is your writing process like? Which is the most challenging part about writing an 8-parts story?

I actually began writing during the summer of 98' up through 2001 on what I was going through at the time. It was my therapy, my way of coping with all that was going on in my life and around me. It was such a challenge to me and writing about it came at different times of day or at night. Whenever my emotions, thoughts or feelings took over. I internalize everything, I'm a real introvert. I have several journal books, spiral notebooks, diaries of all my writing. I really didn't have any goals, plans or direction in my life so I just kept on writing. It really took off for me in that shape or form. Up until 2011 I had thoughts daily on how I could utilize my skills in some other way. Long story short. In 2012 I began collecting a lot of those writings and turned it into my very first book. I titled it The Poetry Diaries, it just fits in all that I was doing with my life finally. It was unexpected how my books from the very first turned into a complete series. I'm already into my 6th. Basically it all comes down to life experience to me. I observe a lot around me and take it into what I write. It makes the connections more personal, to reach out to someone who may be reading my books. It's real.

What is your advice for other aspiring writers?

Do the research, take time to expose yourself to authors of all genres not just one author in mind. You'll get a better understanding of the work that is put into it. Also, if all that you ever do and think of is writing from the time you get up in the morning till you go to bed at night you're a writer. Love what you do and be real with your writing.

Who are the most influential role models for you? In which way are you motivated by them?

Best-Selling Authors Richard Paul Evans, Nicholas Sparks to Beverly Lewis and Susan Mallery. Richard was and is to this very day has a way to incorporate life experiences with heart and soul of hardship and struggle to finding peace and content. He motivates me to look at life as the glass full not by half. To live and be an inspiration to others. His books speak such truth. It is the very same with Nicholas Sparks. They both have substance over style with their writing. Beverly Lewis tells a story with pure emotion, you connect with the simple way of life yet there is a magic to her story telling that is pure at heart and riveting. She motivates me in a way to remain humble, kind and pure at heart. Susan Mallery has the rough around the edges, colorful type of stories that leave you questioning your own life. She has such a fire, feist and classy way to approach life experience. I'm motivated by her to always take life by the reigns whether big or small, you can achieve any obstacle. These authors inspire me every day.

What made you decide to become self-published?

I want to tell my stories my way, the only way I know how to even though I've been rejected from some major traditional publishers/press publishing companies. To have all my rights decided to self-publish. It was a no brainer and the best decision I ever made. I don't have a deadline to meet or be under the thumb of someone telling me what to do. Everything I do is on my time, my terms.

How different is it being a traditional author versus a self-published author?

The difference between traditional and self-publishing are complete opposites. Traditional authors have a complete marketing, press and media team to having an agent, editors backing them. They work by deadlines, where as self-published authors maintain all of what a traditional publisher already has. Self-Published do the marketing, press and media, the promotional aspects right down to gaining exposure organically on their own. There is much more work involved for self-published authors. They don't work on deadlines and take the time to complete a book or books. That's what it is.

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