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Interview with Elle Ellis, Creative Director & Founder at It Girl Styles

Elle Ellis is a true digital diva catching some sensuous fever called ‘fashion’. She aims to use digital media and technology as the bridging tool, her passion in fashion as the emotional language that both combined will change and enhance people’s lifestyles in an innovative way. And eventually, with the influence the business has generated (especially fashion is such a viral language) she hope to impact and promote philanthropic, animal and humanitarian causes. 

Currently, a Fashionpreneur and Creative Director at It Girl Styles, Elle has joined Vanity Fair Campaign Hollywood 2014, 2015&2016 as an influencer and worked for some of the leading fortune & global 500 media and entertainment companies such as Fox/Myspace, Disney, Vivendi and InterActive Corp. She was a digital consultant for fashion/luxury brands such as John Varvatos, True Religion, Rag & Bone, Scott Kay, 7 for All Mankind, J Brand, Lululemon, Splendid, Ella Moss, Nicole Miller, Hudson Jeans etc. 

Elle is also working on launching her private label and a fashion mobile app. She has appearance on various TV shows. She was also a model, host and has won several awards in the pageant and modeling competition society.

Elle Ellis, a Fashionpreneur and Charity Ambassador, is a newly crowned beauty queen

How did you become a 'Fashionpreneur'? What is your story?

It started in an interesting way actually. I found myself fond of posing in different ways and taking pictures a lot so I told myself what a waste of time taking photos for fun, why don’t I just model? So I got started walking for some designer fashion shows, competed in pageants, modeling TV shows and won a few awards. But I never put myself 100% into it. I know from the beginning it is just my entrance to the fashion industry. Ultimately I want to become an entrepreneur in fashion (‘Fashionpreneur’ as how I call it). In what ways, I don’t know yet but I will figure it out.

As my photos piled up from shootings and fashion, philanthropy events, I felt I should probably publish and share them to the world about what I am doing and inspire people in styling and meaningful social causes. I will have a voice and use that to influence others in good ways. So I started personal style and society blogging. I found a website layout that I like for the blog and it happened to also come with ecommerce functionality. I thought what a cool add-on. Maybe I could use it to sell clothing as well.

It didn’t take too long for me to realize branding myself as a blogger and influencer is just not enough, I want to do something bigger – I want to build a brand and I am sure I will be able to have more impact on the society and world this way. At that time, I really want to use fashion tech to change the way ‘human beings’ shop in an innovative way. I have fantasized about a unique and forefront fashion mobile app that will change people’s lives just like how so many other excellent tech companies have changed the whole world!

Although now my goal has shifted a little bit from that as a venture capitalist has enlightened me that in order to build an outstanding business, the best product I should market is ME and I should focus on what I am really passionate about, rather than trying to build a product that I assume the world and investors would view as “innovative” and “mind blowing”. After years of exploring a path that I know I won’t ever regret and can follow through for the rest of my life, I’ve finally find my “siren” call.

Who are the 'Generation ‘It Girl 3.0©’? What kind of impression do you want to leave with your target audience of this generation? How do you intend to empower the new generation with It Girl Styles? What else defines 'It Girl Styles'?

Generation ‘It Girl 3.0©’ are revamping the media space and set stage on digital platforms. You don’t have to be rich or a socialite. Any grass root girl who dares to show off and utilize the digital weapons can join the most grandeur fashion high end parties, become a trendy, sensational It Girl and start new revolutions!! She is tasteful, stylish yet cultured, sexy and modern.

It Girl Styles is all about fashion, life and social styles for modern “It Girls”. Our philosophy in fashion is to be bold, colorful, modern and exotic. The ‘It Girl Essence’ of the brand embraces pattern, color, design and architecture in unique jet setter and cultural styles, while it is also feminine, sexy and fun. Normal gets you nowhere so be ready to make a bold statement of yourself.

We empower the new generation to be more cultured with social cause awareness through our society blogs and social media sharing. A modern It Girl is well-rounded: stylish, intelligent, and knowledgeable. She cares about current events and meaning causes. It Girl Styles inspires every day girl to turn up her feminine power and become that special and irresistible woman who creates her own unique presence in the It Girl 3.0© era. From Fashion, luxury, beauty to art and society, there is footprint for Gen 3.0 It Girl.

I want my brand to be a life style brand associated with such kind of modern It Girl image while we inspire and create It Girls every day!

It Girl Styles Spring 2017 Lookbook

You were modeling and have been a winning contestant on several modeling competition TV shows. Now you are just newly crowned as a beauty queen. Congratulations! – Tell us a little bit more about how you feel about being a reigning queen.

I am beyond excitement! Never thought I’d have fair chance to become a beauty queen as it is not only very competitive (I have seen pro pageant girl competing in many pageants for ten years to finally win a title), but also I lost interest in spending my time, energy preparing and competing. I am more into business and TV shows. So essentially I joined this pageant because it is going to be made into a reality show. I was always lazy during the two months training period. However just one week before the big day, I suddenly got turned on like a lightening shock and got more seriously in preparing for the competition. I also strategized for the win. I can feel the confidence within me and that I might win. Three days before the show, I decided to go get a new gown. The moment I walked into the store I saw Lisa Vanderpump from Real House Wives of Beverly Hills. I thought this to myself:”Could this be a lucky sign?”. And the day before the competition, as I arrived at the rehearsal, the girl told me my number for walking the fashion show. I screamed:”That is my lucky number!” Anyway I guess it is my destiny and the timing was right. I got the crown and everyone told me I deserved it :)

After winning the title, I felt my life has changed forever and I could never act or behave the same anymore. I think every woman, no matter age or race, is PERFECT in her own right representing her unique beauty, mind and heart. I want to show the world that I am that Lady who is PERFECTLY beautiful with a good heart. To be a reigning queen is also a responsibility. I want to use my voice to influence, motivate and raise awareness to meaningful causes such as women’s rights and animal welfare. There is power to the crown. And if I could do any good to the crown on my head, I am determined to do so.

This marks the new beginning of my long time mission to be an ambassador of meaningful causes and the launch of a foundation to dedicate the effort; to encourage people to speak up and stand up for themselves.

It Girl Styles Spring 2017 Lookbook

What is coming up next at It Girl Styles?

I want to shift the focus onto building a successful luxury fashion brand that is popular and favored by women of all ages. I can’t disclose any details of this venture yet but it is in the works. Hopefully it will meet the consumers in the near future. I also want to develop web series and video content that inspire women with information in fashion, personal development and entrepreneurship.

I am hoping to be able to advocate more for charity causes related to women and animals. I have worked with many nonprofit organizations over the years as volunteer, media or VIP guest and have realized the civil rights of women and animals have not been fully established and recognized. By sharing myself and feeling my heart, I decide to pursue the causes I holds clear: that is to be a social and human/animal rights advocate. With love for international cultures, I stand as a personal example of a woman who believes in uplifting the status of women in the world, protecting animals as well as promoting freedom and peace among all countries.

What are your hobbies, life goals?

In my spare time, I enjoy designs and culture, eco green, fashion, great food, entertainment, business networking and nonprofit events. I love travel, to discover culture rich international destinations and enjoy the beauty of the nature. I consider myself elegant, eloquent, fun, like beauty in all forms and never stop adventuring new things. I also have Google's 'DON'T BE EVIL' type of motto to help the society and improve/revolutionize people's life.

In my view, true beauty involves embracing and being a purveyor of art, etiquette, literature, architecture and fashion. My life goal is to be able to enjoy life to its fullest by taking on a profession I am passionate about, live a lifestyle of my dream that is artful, fulfilling and peaceful, and be a great woman who embodies business, creativity and philanthropy.
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