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Interview with entrepreneur Krishen Iyer

Krishen Iyer is a highly successful entrepreneur based in California. He has interests in health insurance, real estate, and marketing. He has founded and steered several companies to profitability. He recently launched his latest outfit, Managed Benefits Services. The company promises to redefine lead generation starting with the health insurance industry. Krishen Iyer is passionate about marketing. He is adept at building strong client relationships.

Krishen Iyer recently agreed to answer some few questions to give us insights into his highly successful business ventures.

What are your expertise and talents?

I enjoy marketing because it only requires talent and skill. It stimulates my curiosity and improves my creativity. Marketers are brilliant people. We like to create and innovate. We are always improving our practices and growing in the process. Most of the time, we love technology.

For example, it has enabled tremendous improvements in communications. I can tell the story correctly and connect with people successfully. I have a bigger voice to reach more people quicker. I like to focus on people. People are inherently social. I like creating long-term and profitable relationships with people. If you approach it with an open mind, marketing is rewarding and fun.

How well versed and extensive are you in the marketing for the insurance lead vertical?

I have been in the health insurance industry for quite some time now. I have seen the trends. I know what works. I was born right here in California. I have a good grasp of the lifestyles and unique requirements of the people here. My marketing record speaks for itself. I am looking to engage people on a sustainable level.

Technology is playing a vital role in helping us put together a successful road map and iron out the details. I am going to continue using technology to build on the marketing success I have had.

How different is niche marketing compared to a decade ago?

Traditionally, marketing would source the leads and then pass them onto sales. It was the responsibility of the sales department to qualify them and convert. I believe advances in the way businesses operate as well as technology has blurred the line. We have data and analytics that enable us to get very qualified leads. This leads to higher and quicker conversions.
The business focus has shifted from using agents to targeting customers directly. Sometimes data and analytics point us to a very unusual direction. The possibilities are increasing. This is expanding opportunity for stakeholders and service providers. Traditionally this has been a people-oriented industry.

Today, we have mobile marketing services that show you customized ads based on demographics as well as individual and locational data. They show you ads you want to see, in a format you like, on a device you love, and the ads are tuned into your lifestyle preferences. We can build efficient sales pipelines. We can come up with prospects that are guaranteed to buy a policy. Clearly, it's not the same niche.

Which factors generate the strong demand for advertising specialist in online lead generation? What kind of skillset is important to fulfill this role for a company nowadays?

Marketing is about attitude and communication. Technology is continually changing the way we do business. It's revolutionized our interactions and changed the way we communicate. This has an impact on people's lifestyles. You need to be passionate, innovative and a true marketer at heart. You have to be tuned into the drive. I love the thrill of the speed.

What has been a challenging endeavor that you have undertaken so far? What did you learn?

I recently had to sell a business venture I loved. It is an integral part of entrepreneurship, but it is still hard to let go. Luckily, it was a highly successful business. If you are an entrepreneur, aim for the stars. You might land on the moon, but that should only ignite your fuel reserves. Build every business as if your life depended on it.

Krishen Iyer is confident Managed Benefits is here to fill a void in the industry. Health insurance distribution and channel partners are set to experience quick growth.

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