Interview with musician Chris McEwen

Chris McEwen is a music creator. He is a very solitary person, too sensitive in a hard world. Music is the only real connection to the world that he has. He works by himself doing everything from concept through production from his apartment. Chris has a distribution contract with Neicy Records in Ohio handled by Twitter promotions and recently collaborated with Cris Vola from Italy, a piano piece of his with a soulful searing lead guitar line, on the way to Itunes now.

What do you consider as inspirations and connections to your style of music?

The inspiration for my style of music comes from many sources. I could see from a young age that this music was a way to express yourself unlike any other. Subjects that were not allowed or not discussed, were accepted through music, to me this was a very important part of finding a way to express difficult emotions that I was experiencing. The style was firmly implanted in 1978 when Van Halen exploded with "the sound" I had been searching for.

Which part of the whole process of creating music do you enjoy the most?

The best part of the process of creating music is when an idea that was in your head becomes a living breathing piece of music, alive with your emotions and right there in front of you. There is no other feeling quite like it that I have ever found. It is truly wonderful.

Which music genre moves you to the start of creating music? When was it?

Many types of music inspire me, From pure classical to the brutal sound of Pantera. Music has been a deep emotional experience for me since I was a small child, those feelings are as strong now as they were then. I don't expect that will ever change.

How do you want to proceed from here? What is your next goal?

I wish to continue learning the art of music and how to express myself within it, a process that can never be fully mastered, but with each new step taken forward there is feeling of accomplishment found nowhere else. My goal is and has always been, it is to hopefully share how Chris McEwen felt about, and saw life through my music.

What kind of sacrifices did you make for your music?

I have made many many sacrifices for music. It has cost me a lifetime trying to unlock all it's secrets. Alot of people don't realize how lonely it really is, especially during all the time spent alone honing your skill. Performing is extremely gratifying, but lonely as well, considering that you are living each day only to come to life for about 3 hours each night when you get to perform. I have no regrets about it. music is the most honest and instantly gratifying thing I have ever done. I wouldn't trade one second of it for anything. Music, to me at least, is the very essence of life and living it.

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