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Interview with rapper Flame Kizzle

We have conducted an interview with rapper Flame Kizzle from Phoenix, Arizona.

Where did you get your inspirations to create your newly released Single, Corrupt?

My inspiration behind my Single Corrupt. Came from, how I felt when I found out who had won the Presidential Election for 2017.

Why did you name it 'Corrupt'? What is your story?

I named my song Corrupt because Donald Trump portrays he cares so much about America. In my opinion all reality everything he's doing or has planned is only to better himself financially. Donald Trump disrespected people with disabilities, he makes sexist comments toward women, he's banning transgender military recruits. My single Corrupt is also helping with Hurricane Harvey relief by purchasing independent music.

I was in Willy Northpole "Back To Mexico" music video. So watching Willy get signed to Disturbing the Peace, motivated me to want to make my own music and create my own style.

How did you get started with rapping?

Afton Shows LLC, I been with them since 2015. They help Independent Artists with their brand, gig's, flyer's and music promotions. ReverbNation also a great place for Independent Artist's, they give you opportunities to submit your music to Radio Stations, Record Labels. You can also pay for Crowd Pick's, in real fans will listen to your music and rate you to see if your music is ready for airplay.

Who are influencers of your music?

2Pac, 1994 Interview. He talk's about rich and poor. From black neighborhoods to white neighborhoods. He speaks highly about his community in his music, about what goes on in his life. The quote I like the most is when PAC said, "I'm not saying, I'm going to rule the world or I'm going to change the world. But I'm guaranteed I will spark the brain, that will change the world."

What do you consider are the most challenging aspects of being an independent artist/rapper?

My most challenging aspects, sometimes are ticket sells. You get an E-Contract to let you know how many tickets you are suppose to breach. If you don't sell the amount you were given, you can get a shorter pay from your venue or if you don't sell at least five ticket's, you don't get to perform at your gig.

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