Interview with Reiki Master Car Chet

Car Chet is a Reiki Master with a special focus on Earthing and the Chakra Systems. Aside from being a Reiki Master, Car Chet also holds a Master of Holistic Health Studies Degree. From her extensive research focused on healing through nature and healing the energy body, she has become one of only a few Earthing Specialists in the United States. Car Chet's undergraduate studies and experience in Political Science and History continue to serve as assets as she advocates for the protection of energy practitioners locally and nationwide.

Which areas in health do you provide online as an education?

As a holistic health correspondent and educator, I provide online materials that outline holistic approaches to health and wellness. The goal is to give individuals the information and tools that they themselves can use to begin the self-care process. By having the accessibility to these holistic approaches individuals can better understand their mind, body, and spirit as well as emotions. This understanding of the holistic, or whole body, is essential for self-care. It gives the individual an opportunity to regain control of their life and health.

I focus specifically on the areas of Energy Work (Reiki, Chakra Work, Crystal Work) and Earthing. Through energy work the individual begins to understand that disease and dysfunction in our external lives is directly associated with the disease and dysfunction that is stored internally.

Over the years we experience many feelings and emotions that we don't properly rid from our energy fields. After a while these past experiences begin to influence the present as the memories and trauma remain unmoved deep down beneath the surface.

The goal of chakra work, crystal work, and reiki are to identify areas of stagnation and work to move (or heal) them. Earthing is similar to energy medicine but includes the physical act of grounding oneself with the Earth's natural energies. This is becoming increasingly important as we have become a society surrounded by electromagnetic frequencies.

From cell towers to wifi routers to your cell phones exists an electro magnetic energy that interferes with the bodies internal rhythms. Earthing is a practice that allows the body to regain a neutral balance as an act to minimize the effects of electro magnetic frequencies.

Why did you choose Chakra Work, Earthing and Reiki?

Great question. I went to Graduate School to study Holistic Health Studies. Initially I intended to study nutrition but soon feel in love with the energy healing modalities I was introduced to. I've always felt a deep connection to the energy and spirit health world but because I do not practice yoga or eat vegan I've felt like an outsider. Chakra Work became my yoga and my nutritional guide. In fact, as I continued my studies I found that yoga and nutrition were just 2 of the MANY ways one can benefit their physical and energy bodies. I also found that when the proper yoga "asanas" and dietary foods are introduced to the routine, certain chakras benefit immensely.

From here I became passionate about learning more about the chakras. I was finding great improvements in my life through my Chakra Work and I wanted to expand my abilities and practice. After a year of education in and out of the classroom I signed up for a Reiki I & II class. My intentions for this was to expand my energy work from myself to others. Here I learned to work with the energy within the body and energy field. As I practiced on myself I found the biggest improvements when I grounded myself and worked on my lower Chakras. Let's just say I became obsessed with grounding and swore by it. Come the end of the semester the class had to write a paper relative to reiki. When I handed in my proposal for "grounding" I was told it was already taken and to choose a new topic. Determined to present about the benefits of grounding, I began doing extensive research and came across this thing called Earthing. This was the Spring of 2015 and scholarly information as well as public journals and magazines were limited on the topic of Earthing. If information did exist, it was from other countries swearing by the threat of electro magnetic pollution. Besides a few books (including Earthing by Clint Ober, Zapped by Gitleman, An Electronic Silent Spring by Singer) information on the health risks of electromagnetic frequencies seemed non-existent as the threat continued to grow daily.

Even before my studies I was very sensitive to other sources of energy, whether it be a person or a computer screen. As life continues and technology enhances, escaping these energies is becoming near impossible. I chose Earthing because it is a proactive and preventative health measure that has amazing effects on the physical and energy bodies. Plus Earthing is free! All you need is time, fresh grass (preferably still wet from the morning dew), and your barefeet! Keep the phone in the house for this one.

Which are your bestselling products on your online shop?

My crystal keychains are definitely my best selling product on my online shop. They are available on my website but also on Etsy and EBay. Customers can choose their crystals as well as tassel colors.
Surprisingly the t-shirts are a huge hit at pop-up shops! I had to re-order after my first shop because I was not expecting such an interest!

What is so special about the crystal keychains?

The crystal keychains are special because they serve as transportable healing. Every crystal vibrates at a certain frequency that connects to the energy body within. The crystals also have their own specific properties that benefit the mind, body, spirit, and emotions. Therefore the crystal Keychain is a little like healing on the go.

Often times when I sell single crystals in the raw or tumbled form, people ask me how they can carry it. After a few days they forget to put it in their pocket or their bra and they end up either losing it or forgetting about it completely. This solves all of those problems.

How will people benefit from the online courses, documents, and videos that will be offered soon?
Anyone can benefit from the information available now on my website. This is basic information outlined in layman terms so that everyone can begin to understand their energy bodies. As this understanding grows, the individuals will begin to unconsciously make decisions that allows for growth and change. Here we begin to break out of the normal patterns and habits in order to regain balance and control of ones life, lifestyle, and most importantly health.

The material I intend to make available in the future will be much more detailed and interactive. This will require a commitment made by the individual to become open to any and all mental and emotional challenges that they may encounter along the way.

Anyone can benefit from this information as it introduces ways to initiate the change that can only come from within. I make this content available online for free so that everyone in the world can have structured access to holistic health information and modalities that they can do right from their own home. I hope that through my online influence everyone has a chance to introduce self-care routines into their lifestyles.

I'd love to welcome everyone who is reading into my holistic health family.

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