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7 Bullets Couldn't Kill Me - interview with author Jacob Lopez

Jacob Lopez was born and raised in Bronx, NY. By his loving parents Pedro and Rose Lopez. Growing up in the Bronx wasn't easy and he lost his purpose and joined a gang which almost led to death but God came and turned it around for the good. Today, Jacob is a loving husband, a father of two wonderful children. He is passionate about teaching the God's Word and loves to see people transformed and living life with a purpose. He takes the time to mentor young adults and men in a ministry called “The Brotherhood”. Jacob also volunteers in a program called “Casa Refugio” (translated means House of Refuge) for men who overcome drug addiction.

What are the questions you always ask?

What's your story? I start from there, it opens up a whole lot... when I asked people we all have a story to share..

How long have you been preparing and writing your book, 7 Bullets Couldn't Kill Me?

I have been working on this book since November of 2015...

Why is it important to write about life and death?

Leaving a Legacy why are you alive not dead.. the reason I wrote about my life because I almost face death, I was giving a second chance...

Why did you mention seven bullets?

I mentioned 7 bullets which is very symbolic, 7 means Gods perfect number.... I was shot 7 bullets time, left for dead.. what was I meant for evil, God turn it for good.... it's hard to see it that way, but I was giving time to live...

How important are the choices in life and the way it is made?

The choices in life Is important because it can lead you to the wrong path but is up to you to make that choice rather it be good or bad...

What truly inspired you to write this book?

Tell others if they make the right decision, not get caught up, things can make for the best. We all have dreams, so let's start living them out loud!!! I was giving air to breathe again.

Who do you recommend to read this book?

Mothers that hope their children can make the right step in life, or for parents not to give up on their children... it's a self-help book, also troubled teenagers that are being pressured to join gangs.

What will be the upcoming events about your new book launch?

We are aiming for a book singing October or November of this year first one in PA, second one in NJ, then a small book tour.

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