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Dyanna Spa in Manhattan, NY

Dyanna Spa in Manhattan, NY has been providing waxing treatments and spa services since 1983. Being one of the first salons providing Brazilian wax services to men and women, along with a full array of nail salon treatments, their experience and professionalism has led them to become one of the top ranked day spas in Manhattan, NY.

How different or similar is the waxing services for men and for women?

Dyanna Spa and Waxing Center, a New York institution that has been bodyscaping men and women since 1985. And we are and always have been LGBT FRIENDLY.

What are the myths or misconceptions about waxing?

Renowned for its expertise in waxing, Dyanna’s procedures offers, hot or hard wax, depending on a customers need and preferences.

Which is the most effective and accepted technique for hair removal?

Waxing is a short term procedure where wax is applied with tongue depressors, directly to the skin, and swiftly removed with either special pellon strips, or if using a hard wax, the wax itself is removed when hardened.

How will your professional aestheticians treat those people who are new to waxing? How to overcome the pain threshold of waxing?

Our aestheticians treat our costumers with the dignity and professionalism that has earned Dyanna its more than 3 decades of excellence. WE MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT.

What kind of hygiene policies do you abide by and also as an assurance for effective hair removal? How important is 'no double dipping'?

THERE IS NO DOUBLE DIPPING AND ALL PROPER HEALTH PRECAUTIONS ARE OBSERVED. The length of time before regrowth varies, but over time customers see less and less hair growth. Remember – no procedure is forever. Some last longer than others but because of the make up of the human body, regrowth varies greatly no matter the technique used. But there is always some regrowth.

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