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Grow In Cloud - business management toolkit for SMEs

Jahan Safdar is the co-founder of Cloud Stem Ltd. He has experience of over a decade of start and managing businesses in various capacities and identified many pain points and challenges faced by small businesses during this period. They have developed a solution for SMEs to automate work processes to improve efficiency and grow businesses. We have conducted an interview with Jahan.

What is one key feature that people should look out for in 'Cloud client engagement software'?

Grow in cloud is a business management toolkit for SMEs. We offer free client site to every business which signs up on our platform. The "client site" gives the business web presence and enables its customers to communicate, schedule appointments, share documents and leave notes etc.

What is the 'All-in-One' solution that your company has developed?

Grow in cloud is an all-in-one business management software that streamlines the administrative burden placed on small businesses by combining 18 features.

How unique is it? Which types of companies should use it?

Grow in cloud is specifically developed for SMEs to offer solution for the pain points faced by many businesses. It is unique in a sense that it offers wide range of features on a single platform.

What are your special rates of the Cloud software development services for SMEs?

We offer competitive rates for SMEs as we understand the capital is not available at large. We promise our prices will be 20% cheaper than the market rate for SMEs.

Which common problems are currently faced by businesses that you have helped to solve? How experienced are your team of developers?

We have helped business in diverse sectors ranging from real estate, e-commerce, health sector, finance, retail, education and public sector organisations. Each business has its own problems for which we offer bespoke tailor-made solutions. The common problems can be classed as they want business processes automation, which can be accessed anywhere.
We help them solve this problem by developing cloud-based software solutions which can be accessed anywhere and can be up-scaled or downgraded according to business needs which results in lower IT cost.

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