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Interview with actress and filmmaker Teresa Scarborough

Teresa Scarborough was born on January 20, 1981 in Irving, Texas, USA. She is an actress and writer, known for Not Alone (2017), Room 414 (2017) and Jim (2018). "My dream is to walk the path less taken. I've never been one to have things just handed to me. I believe that you have to work for what you really want, and that no matter how good you think you are there's always someone better. That just makes me work harder. I believe in chasing down those dreams inside you, and going headstrong into them. No matter the outcome, in the end, you'll have had one hell of a story.

Who is Teresa Scarborough? What is your expertise and strengths?

Teresa Scarborough is a dreamer. I’ve never been one to just accept that what we have in front of us is all that life has to offer. I guess you could say I’ve always had my head in the clouds, and that what most people would think is crazy, like being an actress or musician, or any artist that is, seems normal to me. I’ve always believed that we can achieve anything we set our minds to, no matter how big that dream, or should I say goal, is. I love my family, I love acting, and the whole magical world of filmmaking! It’s my happy place. And whether I’m working on a film, or watching my favorite show, you’ll know I’m happy.

I’d have to say my expertise would have to be acting. But I’ve been on both sides for different projects; acting and production assisting. But my love is acting. It’s just something I’ve always been loved since childhood. I’d say my strengths are believing that the impossible is possible, and to set your dreams high. If you never get there, at least you tried.

Why did you make this film "Not Alone"? What/who inspires you?

I decided to make “Not Alone” to really give filmmaking a good go at it. It is the first film in which I’ve taken the reigns on everything. I’m just curious to see what I can do. I’ve always been intrigued by the supernatural, and this film takes a peak into that world. My sister, Jane, is definitely my main inspiration. She is my best friend, and that woman is literally perfect at everything she does. She always inspires me to think for myself, and pushes me to be my best, always!

I’m currently inspired by Marvel, and a goal is definitely to be a part of the MCU! The productions that got me writing are “The Town;” (Ben Affleck), “American Horror Story”(Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk) “Portlandia” (Fred Armisen, Carrie Brownstein, Jonathan Krisel), and “Parks and Recreation” (Greg Daniels, Michael Schur). The list keeps growing, but these are the main inspirations that kicked the writing into gear, and woke the acting bug up again.

When was the first time you were moved to get into filmmaking?

Having moved to a smaller town away from anything really resembling the sights and sounds of Hollywood, I decided it was time that I put pen to paper and create my own films. I’ve always played around with different ideas in my head, so I figured why not just give it a go!?

Which 3 films are your favorite?

1. The Thing Called Love because it always inspires me to write music and shoot for my dreams. It also inspired my sister (aka, my best friend) to take a trip to Nashville. I drug her to all of the filming sites, and it was amazing!

2. My Own Private Idaho. Period. I just love this movie, and everything about it. Gus Van Sant’s best project (Though everything he does is so good!), and River Phoenix’s best performance. I could go on and on about this film. But it’s simply wonderful.

3. Love Actually. As soon as Thanksgiving is over, this movie is in! I cry each and every time I watch it. I laugh, I cry, but mostly I cry. Mark’s unrequited love for Juliet just hits home, and it breaks me. It’s all too familiar.

Which are your current projects? Which one is the most challenging?

I have 3 projects in the works as we speak. “Not Alone,” “Room 414,” and “Jim.” We are currently in the casting stages for “Jim.” “Not Alone” and “Room 414” are both supernatural films regarding trapped spirits. Where in “Jim” is a thriller. I’d have to say “Not Alone” is the most challenging because it is my first film in which I’m doing everything myself. It’s an experiment of sorts. And because it’s all on me, it’s harder to keep myself on a schedule. Being your own boss and only employee is not an easy job. Haha

What are your ultimate goals for acting and filmmaking? What do you hope to achieve in 5 years’ time?

My ultimate goals to produce good work. As for most artists, we want to create work that has meaning. I hope to do that both with acting and with my films. I hope that people like them.
In 5 years’ time, I’d like to see myself succeeding in the business, and being a bigger player than I am today. I’d like to eventually own a production company, and have filmmaking be my main career.
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