Interview with Ahmad Najib

Today our guest is Ahmad Najib from Malaysia. He is currently working at a local hospital but his passion is art. He draws peoples’ faces. We have conducted an interview with him.

What is your passion?

I would say my passion is to be hardworking. In order to make a better drawing is to have a hard work and always keep practicing. My drawings only black and white, to be honest, I’m a colour blind. And not just drawing. Since my background is culinary student I like to carving on fruits, sculpting on a chocolate, using flour to make an eagle, this kind of things I learn in my college I would love to do it again if I get a chance. But now drawing is what focus on now. Maybe one day I would try to do all of that.

What do you hope to do with your drawings?

First of all, drawing is a hobby for me, but I hope that I get a job. There are many artists around the world which is better than me. Their artwork is far better than mine. It seems to me they took their artwork to finish about a few days maybe months to complete it. What I’m trying to do is to finish my drawings only for an hour or two and I hope someone will notice it buying my art so I can earn some money

Which is your specialty and which kind of techniques do you apply to your art?

My specialty is portraits. Drawing people’s faces. God’s creation is the most beautiful of all which I try to draw by appreciating His creation

Why do you think constant practicing is important to get the best artwork done?

To improve myself to be better until I achieved what I desire and that is to be an artist. Sometimes when I draw I’m not satisfied because when I made it is not what I wanted, it doesn’t look the same, no wonder it doesn’t look the same coz I do it just a few hours, coz I want a fast result.

How long have you been drawing? What inspires you the most?

How long? Let see..since I was 5 and what inspires me is my late grandfather. He is the best artist I’ve ever known. I wanna be like him and make him proud from beyond

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