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Interview with artist Armanté Majar

Today our guest is Armantė Majar from Lithuania. She lives in Vilnius. We have conducted an interview with her about her drawing and painting.

What kind of artwork do you like to focus on creating?

I love all artworks, but for creating to me is very important details, idea. I can‘t imagine myself to painting something without forms, to me desperately need that all be clearly and a little bit of fantasy, dream.

Which type of key elements do you include in your art?

Hmm.. of course it would be shape, form, line, color, space and texture.

How much time does it take to paint a painting?

Hard question, one painting could be paint for a day, other for a week, or maybe and months. Really everything very depends on how much time you have, but when I’m practically always busy, it takes more times or days, because only for a night I have time to do it. A lot of people thinking that you are doing is not important, easy.. and really have no imagination how long time it takes off.

How did you develop your style of art? Who inspires/influence you?

Ohh, we should come back for the first question, when I mention about fantasy and dream because from my dreams come to me a vision what I paint on canvas. Also sometimes I take a model of something like as city or buildings and try to paint it like as from fantasy world, wonderland or something like that. To me is very inspiring music, theatre, sounds and of course a mood.

Which 3 pieces of artwork are your personal favorite?

It’s very difficult! I love them all actually. But.. probably if to me need choose it would be “Jurate and Kastytis” – it’s from Lithuanian legend story about mermaid and fisherman love. Second would be.. White Nights in St.Petersburg, Greetings from Vilnius and Ballet dancer from Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake. Sorry, I mention four! I really can’t choose one of them.

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