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Interview with illustrator and graphic designer Helena

Today our guest is Helena, an illustrator and graphic designer from Spain. Since she was a child she has this dream of being a creative. She has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona, a vocational degree in illustration and design and training courses in Trendy Illustration, communication skills and Pattern Design from different schools located in Barcelona and Madrid. She works as a Freelance.

What is your educational background? What are your strengths and talents in art?

I studied a degree in Fine Arts in Barcelona at Universitat de Barcelona and a vocational degree in Illustration & Graphic Design in a School of Art & Design in Barcelona too.
My strengths in art have always been passion, faith in what I want to dedicate my life, hardworking and adaptability to different techniques, fields and ideas. My talents point to an original and unique style which defines and identifies me, making use of it for different purposes and fields.

When did you realize you have this dream of being a creative? Where would you want to work? And with whom?

I started to become creative when I was 4 years old as I was very imaginative, also I was a good observer of nature and animals. After school and on weekends, I used to write short stories and draw my own tales and I remember telling my mum: “When I be a grown-up, I will be an artist, mum”. Often, I used to doodle on home walls, I love when my family reminds me this fact, because I found it so natural when I did it!

My dream is working with both small and major creative & technologic agencies from different countries, working with different cultures and learn from them. It would be really interesting working with Apple, Pixar, ING creatives located in Dubai among others and major publishers.

Which is the most memorable and challenging work experience that you have gained? Why?

The most memorable and challenging work has been an editorial work for a Chinese Company from Beijing. I had to illustrate a story book and afterwards I travelled to Beijing to do the presentation of my work and make workshops related to Illustration for Chinese children. It was a really greateful and challenging experience to have taught and also learnt from children of another culture!

What medium do you enjoy working on the most?

I really enjoy working collage and digital collage. I love playing with textures of different papers and making up an artwork on paper or by computer as well. On another hand, If I have in mind large-size illustration projects I love going back to traditional techniques like oil painting or acryllic.

Do you think it is different specializing in textile patterns versus children's books illustrations? 

Actually, it is different in technical execution but however really supplementary. Both specialitisations need to handle a lot of creativity, imagination, technique and planification, and I like being a multi-faceted and versatile designer and being able to make both, and combine them if I have two projects at the same time. I feel that combining different tasks is enriching personally and professionally.
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